WIndows XP File sharing

By mihouser ·
I have my machine on a 192.168.0.x network I have a file shared called Time. The machine that I want to have access to this folder is on network 192.168.2.x. Users on the 2.x network can get to machines on the Active directory domain (Win 2003 server). But they can not get to my machine (I am not in the Active Directory domain). I have tried adding my machine to the "Hosts" file and adding my IP address to the DNS on the AD server (192.168.0.x.) to no avail. I am not sure what to do besides adding my machine to AD (I don't want to do that).

Both machines are running XP Pro SP2

All machines are on the same netmask I have tried route(cmd command) to no avail.


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Can the other machine ping yours?

by robo_dev In reply to WIndows XP File sharing

How does the one network connect to the other network? Router in between?

Before you get Windows networking to work, you need to get TCP/IP to work.

You may need to add static routes on both ends.

To get windows networking to work across subnets, you need to either be running a Wins server, or tweak the LMHOSTS file on the relevant PCs.

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changed the scope on the windows firewall/ problem solved

by mihouser In reply to WIndows XP File sharing

Thanks, I did figure out this issue. What I did was to change the scope on the windows firewall on the XP machine that I needed to connect to. I added to the "custom list" on port 139.

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