Windows XP Freezes on Welcome Screen

By eraser3498 ·
I recently was give a computer with a very annoying problem, it freezes on the welcome screen when booting into normal mode. I done all the virus and spyware scans in safe mode I've also disable some services and all of the Startup item. with then same results. The Virus and Spyware scans came up clean. The last thing the user had happen was Norton come up with a Virus warning upon further investigation it looks like the Virus definitions had expired. Anyway he clicked off the message and rebooted the computer normally. After the reboot the computer froze on the welcome screen and has been that way ever since. I've test the hard Drive and memory as well and both are fine. I've chkdsk. The computer is an ACER Aspire AST650-UP523H and has the original image image on it from acer. Its 6 months old. I'm at total loss at what to do with I'm trying avoid reformatting it if that's at all possible and it would nice to know how to fix it if run into again. Thanks in advance for your input.

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I have the same problem

by charmed_gurl08 In reply to Windows XP Freezes on Wel ...

did you already solved yours? if so, how? im having the same problem probably because of a virus..

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a couple of things to try

by Sue T In reply to Windows XP Freezes on Wel ...

have you tried doing a system restore to a time before all of this happened? Also, it is possible that the virus is in at least one of the restore points and it is reinstalling itself when you boot the computer so you should have deleted all system restore points after removing the virus and then reran the virus scanner. Also, since it sounds like it will boot into safe mode it is possible the virus damaged a file needed by windows, did you try running system file checker so it can replace any damaged files it may find. You might also want to just reinstall windows overtop which would also fix any bad system files. Installing overtop will not delete any of your documents or programs you have installed.

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