Windows XP hangs on restart.

By john.a.sahl ·
I'm encountering an issue I haven't seen before. If I put the processor into hibernate, restart or shutdown, when it begins to start up again, I get a blank screen - no POST or anything & the fans all roar to life, but that's it.

However, if I shut down & then disconnect power for 5-10 seconds, & then start it up, everything is fine.

Anyone here have some ideas of where to look?

This particular porcessor is a Pentium D Presler 3.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM, MB is ASUS T2-PH2 barebones.

The system is ~ 1.5 years old & this is recent behavior - about a week.

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Seems to be resolved

by john.a.sahl In reply to Perhaps this will help...

I initially looked at that, but this wasn't simply a hibernation/standby issue. This would occur when doing restart or powering on after shutdown. The only way to get it to come up again was to unplug the PC for a few seconds (until it was dischargecd).

Anyway, it looks like one of the services was causing the trouble, because when I disabled it, everything was fine. Looks like the user had uninstalled the NolaPro accounting software & it left something behind.

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hiii all

by topower2 In reply to Windows XP hangs on resta ...

my friends , did any one found a solution for this issue , i am facing the same issue now

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