WIndows XP hangs upon logging into the domain

By skibumone ·
The end-user's machine is joined to our domain. POST goes fine, and boot-up is smooth until the username and password is entered. At that point, the system hangs at the login screen for a number of minutes before the desktop finally appears. I've checked the service host file and the only ip that was in there, was the one to our network. I've flushed the DNS through the command prompt. I have also disabled all non-essential programs that would delay the system from booting up. I have also verfied it is not the docking station or CAT5 cable that might be bad, by testing them on alternate known work stations. I am going to attempt a restore to an earlier date in time when the system was known to be fine. If that fails, I am going to attempt a repair install of Windows. Aside from these last to items, is there anything anyone can think of that I have that would resolve this? I have also checked the event viewer and saw no discrepencies. The machine also does this when logging into Windows and the machine is not connected to the domain (no ip assigned). I am hoping to not have to wipe this machine out and re-install XP.

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Event Log

by gutsco37 In reply to WIndows XP hangs upon log ...

Try viewing the Event Logs to see if they indicate any problems.

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isn't this the classic dns symptom?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Event Log

sounds like the dns is configure to go out to the internet to get resolved. so it goes out there and fails and then comes back to the network looking for the ip address. hence the delay. or something like that.
check this out:
Logon Process Takes Longer Than Expected When Windows 2000 Clients Log on to a Windows 2000 Domain

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DNS/Event Log

by skibumone In reply to Event Log

Thanks for the feedback guys, but I flushed the DNS from the command prompt and checked the host file. There was nothing out of the ordinary in the event log. Also, I was seeing this delay upon boot up in Safe Mode as well. I wish I could have narrowed it down, but I wound up throwing in the towel. I'm currently re-installing the OS and the user's docs/settings.

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Another thing to check although might be too late now.

by bsmith523 In reply to DNS/Event Log

Sorry you resorted to reinstalling the OS. Maybe this will be useful for the future or for someone else.

I find that mapped drives sometimes cause this delay. If the computer has a bunch of mapped drives and it is having issues communicating with the domain, it will delay trying to find the mapped drives. It is possible that one of the mapped drives no longer exists so the computer just keeps looking until it finally gives up and returns to normal. You could either unmap the drive or tell it not to connect until asked to. This way it won't waste time trying to connect everytime.

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