Windows XP h.e. and modems

By luhambawamooka2 ·
My Windows XP home edition can't dial thru modem, device manager shows modem = proper, system very slow, antivirus can't b updated. unfortunately no motherboard drivers if 've to reinstal every thing.What could be the workable solution???

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You have several options here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP h.e. and modem ...

If the Modem is part of the M'Board you'll need the drivers from the M'Board makers web site but in the short term you can ramp up the set speed of the modem to way above what it is capable of working at in the Modem Control in the Control Panel and also on the Modem Setup Proprieties in the Dial Up Connection.

While this will allow the modem to work at the fastest rate possible there are still other influences that will affect the speed that it is capable of working at like the quality of the Phone Line and things like that.


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Dial tone?

by operator1 In reply to Windows XP h.e. and modem ...

hi,is your modem giving you any err msg about
not connecting?try to run modem diagnostics.go to control panel and to phone and modem options.
click on the modem tab select modem and click properties now click on the diagnostics tab and then query modem.this is communication btwn modem and the system and not device menager.
if first AT command in the list shows "Success" your modem should be ok.if it doesnt check physical connection of the modem.And yes,while you are in the properties window of your modem go to "modem"tab and see
if "Wait for dial tone" box is selected.if it
is clear it apply and try to dial again.
thats it from me

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