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Windows XP Hibernates unexpectedly

By belledal ·

Been having a problem for a week, my XP hibernates unexpectedly even when I put Hibernate at "Never". I also put "ask" for when it wants to hibernate, and it asks alright, every 5 seconds so that I have 38 or 39 screens "asking" before the computer crashes and we start all over again.



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Have you tried disabling Hibernation altogether? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP Hibernates une ...

Go into your power saving screen and click on the Hibernate TAB.

Untick the 'Enable Hibernation' box.

Your computer can't hibernate if the hiberfil.sys file doesn't exist.

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by belledal In reply to Have you tried disabling ...

Yup. Tried that. Didn't work. Changed it so it would 'ask' rather than just close off, and it did ask...about 38 times before it crashed....

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UPDATE - Windows XP Hibernates unexpectedly

by belledal In reply to Windows XP Hibernates une ...

ok. Tried to load Windows in Safe mode with networking so I could transfer some files to my fiance's computer. and now I'm in some kind of evil feedback loop. Computer turns on, asks me to Ctrl-S or it will boot automatically, I do, nothing happens, it loads, beeps and shuts off and starts again.

At one point, I'm sure I read something like "No Operating system"

What the HECK!

I opened the computer, everything seems to be in place. but I did notice that the fans are not running the whole time. They start at the beginning and then stop once the windows screen comes up.

I put in my boot disk, but it's not reading the CD.

I mean, the computer is only 5 years old and its an IBM, I can't believe the shelf life on these is only 5 years!!!

What else can I try????


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re: Can't believe shelf life is ONLY 5 years?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to UPDATE - Windows XP Hiber ...

There's a reason manufacturer's warranty is usually 3 years. That's the estimated lifetime of the hard drive. Other major components are 1 year. If you've gotten 5 years out of it, consider yourself lucky. However, when you try to find parts for one that old, you might not feel so lucky.

If the fans are not running, it's overheating. Strange things happen when a computer gets hot and those strange things might be random (ie: never the same thing twice). You can end up chasing your tail trying to figure out what's wrong. Fix the overheating problem and I'll bet your "random hibernation", which is really the computer shutting itself down due to overheating, will go away.

Sounds to me as if your power supply is weak. Just as soon as Windows starts, power is fed to the processor and there's not enough left to power the fans.

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Replaced Hard Drive last year

by belledal In reply to re: Can't believe shelf l ...

Actually, I replaced the Hard Drive last year (boy was that a headache) so I know it's not that. Perhaps its the overheating. I'll try a couple of things and keep you posted.


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Windows XP Hibernates unexpectedly

by computab In reply to UPDATE - Windows XP Hiber ...

Could it be a virus, or could it be overheating?

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Do a Windows repair install

Do a Windows repair install

If you have serious problems with XP performance, or you get errors, some system files can be damaged.

A repair installation re-writes all essential Windows XP system files and re-detects all hardware without affecting the registry, current desktop settings or user data stored on the hard drive. This is the only way short of a full installation that can recover from errors caused by installing a different motherboard in an XP system, for example.

To perform a repair installation:

Boot the system from your XP CD.

Choose the 'press enter to set up Windows XP now' option.

Press F8 to skip through the EULA (though if you haven't read it before, you should now. See our legal article for details as to why.

Now press R to begin a repair installation.

Your system will go through the entire XP install process, but will not attempt to replace any of your existing data. It will simply reinstall the vital system files, fixing any that are corrupted or missing.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Repair Install

by belledal In reply to Do a Windows repair insta ...

I'll definately try your suggestions.

Cross your fingers....

(any thoughts how to get out of feedback loop? any magical buttons I can press (besides F8))


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Computer fixed but not fixed

by belledal In reply to Do a Windows repair insta ...

Hi all,

We think the Scuzi card went. Tried to pay attention the faster than light speed error that comes up, said "keyboard error" so put in a non-usb keyboard, then said "pointing device error", so replaced mouse and WHAMMO, computer is running.

I ran a WINME boot program my friend has which loads a windows type of OS so you can get in and save whatever you want from the hard disk if it is fried.

Saved everything I need and am going to move it over to my fiance's computer.

Thanks to all for your help and suggestions.

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No problem..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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