Windows XP Home Auto-Rebooting FREQUENTLY!

By 1ladydi5150 ·
I've been having a problem with my Windows XP Home SP2 rebooting itself. Quite often after starting up my computer, I am only able to reach the password login screen before it reboots. And this will happen continually for as long as 30 minutes at times before it will actually let me login. Sometimes it will actually start Windows and run for a short time before rebooting. I've taken the checkmark off the "automatically restart" option under System failure in Startup and Recovery in the System Properties yet it continues. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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Check your BIOS...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP Home Auto-Rebo ...

Your initial boot screen will tell you in the bottom left-hand corner which key to press (Del, F2, Esc, or whatever) as soon as your system powers up.

Once in your BIOS, navigate with the 'arrow' keys, to System Security, where you'll find a sort of duplicate of what you've already unchecked in System Properties.

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Re: Check your BIOS

by 1ladydi5150 In reply to Check your BIOS...

I checked my BIOS and there's no "System Security" part of it. I went through the whole thing. Do I need to flash my BIOS to update it to have that option available?

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Well, unless

by w2ktechman In reply to Re: Check your BIOS

Windows is corrupt, I would say it is not from aa BSOD. Maybe a power issue?

Do you have a UPS that you can borrow? Or another power supply?

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