Windows XP Home Edition - Hard Drive Partioning

By danr ·
Anyone know how to partition Windows XP HOME EDITION hard drive (for placement of OS in one volume, vs files/graphics, etc., in others) w/o optional after-market software? Seems this is the only way to do it?

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this may help

by pwalsh22 In reply to Windows XP Home Edition - ...
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Try this

by robert_ireland In reply to this may help

If it's a new blank drive, do it whilst building the os. If it's an in-use drive try partition magic.

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A really

by XT John In reply to Try this

useful, open source tool is the Gnome Partition editor. Very intuitive, easy to use, works great, even on a RAID.


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Win XP Home Edition Partioning

by danr In reply to this may help

Yup, read this too and no help because you can't get past "right click(ing) allocated space" because A0 no "New Partion' dialogue box or choice appears, and b) ALL of it is devoted to drive, i.e., c) I don't see any g.d. green block of "unused" space.

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delete that partition, then create & format multiple partitions

by Absolutely In reply to Win XP Home Edition Parti ...

The current partition scheme of your hdd is displayed, but you can delete that partition, then create a smaller partition for your operating system, and allocate the bulk of your hdd to a second partition, which holds your personal files.

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Existing partition?

by bkinsey In reply to Windows XP Home Edition - ...

So are you wanting to resize an existing partition, then? If so then yes, takes third-party software to do that. You can create any size partition you want at install, and then use disk management to create a second partition in any unused space, but once you've partitioned the whole disk, you can't change that natively in the OS. . .

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Easy to do during installation.

by Absolutely In reply to Existing partition?

If you're re-installing the OS anyway, or if you have backups of your data, it's easy to divide your drive into partitions during installation.

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