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    windows xp home edition


    by henry.desilva ·

    Hi ,

    i have a situatio where a notebook windows xp home edition became erratic.. eg cannot connect to internet (no error messages), outlook express has error message ‘was a problem swithching folders, possibly because the folder was busy. Please wait a moment and try again” and it will then not let me access my messages.’.
    cannot get into IE Internet options, cannot run some control panels applets…

    Please advise


    Henry de Silva

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      by henry.desilva ·

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      by thumbsup2 ·

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      Your computer is displaying behavior commonly associated with an infection of some sort.

      Have you run full system scans while in Safe Mode using your currently installed anti-virus software? You DO have something installed, right?

      While the scan is running, ask yourself what you were doing just before you noticed this behavior. Perhaps you visited a site or had a popup window tell you to click yes or no? Maybe even you clicked a link in an email?

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        System does not behave normal.

        by salim ·

        In reply to And??????

        It is being infacted with malware software. try download microsoft free malware software and scan it, it will remove it.
        Second option: try paid best software from , before you buy you can scan your software with their software.

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