Windows XP Home - hibernation.

By fredrp ·
I have put my desktop PC into Suspend -> hibernation many times, without mishap. Last night, however, I did the same - and moving the mouse and/or tapping the spacebar has no effect. Reset or restart has no effect, i.e. blank screen with just the system and HDD lights lit. PC will not boot, either from diskette, recovery CD nor obviously from HDD. Does anyone have any ideas how I might "wake up" the PC?

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Hold the power button

by w2ktechman In reply to Windows XP Home - hiberna ...

for 6-10 seconds
then press it again
it should restart fine, if not you may need to remove the hibernated settings first (run a google search on the startup error)

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Hibernation: Windows XP Home

by fredrp In reply to Hold the power button

Thanks for response, w2ktechman, but no joy with your power off/on suggestion. The point now is that when powered on, the PC just sits there with a blank screen and refuses to boot from any source - so I can't get at hibernation settings or anything else. Talk about frustrated!

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Remove the battery.

by stress junkie In reply to Hibernation: Windows XP H ...

At this point it really isn't a hibernation issue. The computer won't work at all from a power off/on. Try removing the battery and then plug it in and see if it will boot. If that doesn't work then it sounds like it's broken.

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Desktop PC

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Remove the battery.

What kind of desktop PC runs of a battery - and no, a UPS does not count.

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He's talking about the BIOS Battery

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Desktop PC

Personally I don't know of one desktop computer that doesn't have one of these. It allows the CMOS Chip to retain Volatile Data that is necessary for the machine to work.

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Does it POST?

by w2ktechman In reply to Windows XP Home - hiberna ...

Look to make sure that there are no floppies or boot cd's in the drive(s). Unplug any external unnecessary devices (printers, drives, camera, etc.) try again.
If Not
Try opening the case and resetting the BIOS.
Remove the CMOS battery for 30 min, or use the reset feature (probably a jumper) and see if this helps.
If Not
Where exactly does the failure occur? Could there be an electrical problem? Unplugged Device (Internal)? Shorted out Device? Bad MB? Bad RAM? (If RAM becomes unseated this can happen).

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Stop Ghost Hunting Keep It Simple

by donaldcoe In reply to Does it POST?

If Windows caused the problem it must only be on the primary partition and or hard drive. It sounds like a HDD crash, I suggest a simple test to diagnose thatis by disconnecting the C: drive and connect another hard drive (HDD)"jumpered as Master" as your primary, then set your motherboard bios to boot from CD. When the system starts to boot, get into the BIOS and see if the BIOS recognizes the replacement HDD, it is not the plan to install a new operating system but to TEST THE HARDWARE up to the operating system. If the system starts to boot from the operating system CD then it is NOT a hardware issue of failed memory, motherboard BIOS, or any other hardware item other than that original HDD unit. The power save feature of Windows has crashed more Hard Drives than any other Windows option feature. If you want to save power JUST TURN IT OFF.

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Why do you think that Windows is at Fault here?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Stop Ghost Hunting Keep I ...

There is always the possibility of a Hardware Failure that occurred while the machine was supposed to be in Suspend Mode.

I've seen way too many people chase around for hours at a time trying to fix a Software problem when the computer itself doesn't work properly if at all.

That was a valid Question is it POSTING?

If it isn't then you need to look at hardware first before you can even consider trying to chase down a Software problem as you'll just be wasting time and getting frustrated in the process wanting to know why it isn't working. IF this unit isn't POSTing then changing all the HDD's in the world isn't going to make the thing work as the first option would be a dead Power Supply that got hit with a spike overnight while unattended.


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Process of elimination

by mbisciotti In reply to Does it POST?

I dont think it has anything to do with hibernation either. Since its a vague symptom you need to do process of elimination. (verify power at outlet where pc is plugged in, verify power supply works, reseat processor, memory, hdd'd be surprised on what you thought was the problem doesn't turn out true.
Hope it works!

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If the unit is going through the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Home - hiberna ...

POST process Power On Self Test and depending on who made the unit that can be a splash screen or a display of available RAM and Hard/Optical Drive/s.

If the display remaining blank not even the LED on the monitor changing color I would first look at the Power Supply as it most likely took a hit overnight while unattended. This is very common with Overhead Power Grids something will get caught between the High Tension and Mains and allow the High Voltage into the Low Voltage Mains. A good PS will sacrifice itself to save the computer. A not so good one will allow the computer to die and the really nasty ones will look as if they are working when they really are not.

So if you are not getting any picture change the PS first with a Known Good One a New one doesn't necessarily mean that it works properly and then see if you can get any image on the screen. Once that happens you can start to work from there.

If the LED's for the HDD & Power come on but you get no display on the monitor my first suggestion would be the Power Supply not working and having limited power output. Test with a Known Good PS before you attempt to proceed any further.

Also if the phone system is down it's possible that it took a hit and has allowed a massive power surge in through the phone lines but this only applies to DSL or Dial Up connections.

Really a bit more information here wouldn't go astray as attempting to answer a question of It Don't Work has way to many variables to even start to hope to give an answer that comes close to being correct.

A better description of your problem would certainly be a good starting point.

Do the Fans run? Does the Monitors LED Change Color? Is the Unit performing a POST? Do you hear the HDD spin up? Are there any strange noises coming out from the case?


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