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Windows XP in a loop

By dmiles ·
I have a dual boot setup W2K and Windows XP Pro on different drives,after loading Graphics programs on a third partition and rebooting computer to complete install,when restarted it will reboot before loading XP screen,it will continue in a loop of restarting after each ,XP is the second OS in the boot menu.
When selected from boot menu it will start to load then reboot
Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance

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by TheChas In reply to Windows XP in a loop

I'm curious to know what program you were installing.

As to the cause, I suspect a poorly written installer that cannot deal with the OS not being on the C: drive.

Assuming my suspicion is correct, the installer placed and registered new system files on the C: drive. Or, placed the files on the XP drive, but registered them as being on the C: drive.
XP is looping because it finds system file conflicts that prompt a re-boot.

Another "poor" installer issue would be that the installer replaced system files with older versions.

Can you boot into W2K?

If your W2K works, I see 2 options.

1. Boot into W2K.
Browse the XP partition.
Examine and edit the registry and legacy system files using a text editor.
See if you can now boot into XP.

2. Boot from your XP CD and use either the recovery console, or perform a repair installation.


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by dmiles In reply to

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Chas,I was installing Adobe Programs and I am thinking that some of the programs were listed to be compatible with NT,I went to W2K,the system is running after performing defrag,but I cannot say what caused the problem but I did uninstall all the programs previously installed
Thanks for the answer,but it did not help

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by dmiles In reply to Windows XP in a loop

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