Windows XP installed in a slave hard drive

By franco.angelo ·
I installed win xp on a slave drive. When I used it as a master drive it does not boot the OS.

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by brian In reply to Windows XP installed in a ...

ok, if you are asking why, i have a few questions for you...are these IDE drives still (assuming so b/c they are master/slave, or are you talking about SATA 0 SATA 1..etc). Why did you install it originally to the slave drive? Have you tried changing the boot order of the hard drives in the BIOS instead of switching the drive physically from slave to master (or have you changed the jumpers when you changed places on the IDE cable)?

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This is because of the way that the Hardware Works

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP installed in a ...

The Preliminary Boot Files are always copied to the Primary HDD's Root.

When you remove that primary HDD which is always the IDE Chanel 1 Master the Preliminary Boot Files are no longer present and the hardware can not find any files telling it where to find the necessary files to boot from.


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additional to my prior post...

by brian In reply to This is because of the wa ...

i am assuming that xp was installed when the drive was actually the master drive and you upgraded to different os on new drive....

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