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Windows XP Invalid Key

By catsforus ·
Hi I need help with WinXP Professional with SP2. I recently ran a check for updates on Microsoft Web Site. It cam back with the new update wizard to be installed. I did this and when I ran update aging it asked to validate my WinXP Version. I accepted this and it then came back with validation failed, invalid key. I then download a few utilities to check my key and it is the same as is on my OEM Windows Professional installation pack.

I have now tried the following.

Start by changing one of the values of the Registry Key specified below to any number 0-9 or character A-F. Changing any character will do - it doesn't matter which one you change or what you change it to.
Key: Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents
Name: ODBETimer
Value: just change one of the entries as mentioned above
What this will do is deactivate the copy of Windows. Now click Start, Run, and copy the following into the Run box:
%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe /a
When I run the above script it brings up the registration window and just tell me product already resisted? I have also tried a few utilities that are supposed to change the key and these did nothing as well.

Any Ideas?

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changing the names of files

by kay_darcy In reply to Windows XP Invalid Key

change the names of the files

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by elvis035 In reply to changing the names of fil ...

i just formatted my HP PC model A305W desktop and did a restore from the CD and now it says i have a certain amount of days to activate depending on what day it is and when i click on the keys on the taskbar it says that it is already activated i need to know how to fix this i know one way is to change the Registry using REGEDIT to activate xp or i can use this to DeActivate XP and then reactivate it i have a valid CD key and Registration Key and OEM key can u kelp with this? thanks vince

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Don't know.

by lastchip In reply to Windows XP Invalid Key

But this is cropping up all over various web sites. Looks like it's another Microsoft balls up.

One day they might learn not to mess people about. (probably long after I'm dead!)

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This will disable the WGA check:

by tlandmesser In reply to Don't know.

On the Windows Update site just before you select "Express" or "Custom" paste the following into the address bar of Internet Explorer and press enter, then continue.


This will disable the Windows Genuine Advantage check and allow you to continue.

Not sure if it works with Firefox or Netscape. Worked just fine for me on IE though.

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re netscape

by Jaqui In reply to This will disable the WGA ...

netscape, mozilla suite ( seamonkey ) do not have activex support.

firefox has limited activex support.

windows update really only ever worked with ie, not with any other browser.

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Easy Work Around

by RNR1995 In reply to Take a look here

Go to the Windows Update Website and let it
install the activeX control
WHILE on the website go to Tools\Manage Add ons\ disable the
LegitCheckControll.dll ActiveX control and get your updates.

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Getting calls on this.....

by tweakerxp In reply to Easy Work Around

I have had a couple calls from clients that have OEM system and they are asking "What's going on"?
Is this another folly from MS?

What do I tell them? Sorry you've got to buy another "retail" copy of XP?? I don't think so...

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Works EWA

by Ivory40 In reply to Easy Work Around

The javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all')is disabled but disabling the activeX control WORKS Great Thanx!!!

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Easier yet.........

by ServerJockey In reply to Works EWA

All you have to do is open IE, click on Tools, Internet Options and programs, then manage add-ons, click on the Windows Genuine Advantage, then click disable. Whala! You can still obtain the updates by using the automatic update feature. You just won't be able to use the Windows Update site!

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