Windows XP is hiding my hard drive

By rogue_lord ·
P4M800PRO-M Dual Core System Board
Dual Core Intel 3.0ghz proc
Windows XP SP2


Mysteriously a week after upgrading my motherboard and processor and everything had been working fine, my secondary hard drive disappears from Windows. The system board detects it with no error,the drives spins up, but Windows no longer sees it. I have used several free utilities to recovery partitions and hard drives, all of which see the drive and files just fine. I even Purchased Paragon Partition Manager which sees the drive with folders and files and recovers it. Computer Manager disk manager sees the drive as unallocated space which is not true since it still has all of it files etc..), and it is initialized. STILL Windows refuses to cooperate and show me the drive in explorer. I havea feeling somehting is corrupt in my OS, but...

The only things I have not tried is a re-install of XP, or a re-install of SP2.

I'm at wits end here. I am hoping for some advice before I go buy another drive and try copying the data to it.

Any suggestions for what I might be missing here?

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Windows XP is hiding my hard drive

by jlouis45 In reply to Windows XP is hiding my h ...

1. have you logged into windows as an administrator ? if no try to do this. As some partitions can be hidden in winxp
2. try to connect this HD into another computer and check if it is working and no issues with the HD.
3. If you can determine point 2 then it is better to go ahead and reinstall windows / try to repair windows instead of reinstalling. If anything is corrupt it can be fixed.
4. If point 3 does not work then you need to replace your HD. Is there a sound on your HD when you switch on the computer which comes for sometime and then stops or you will have it continous.

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Device Manager?

by operator1 In reply to Windows XP is hiding my h ...

Did you check inside device manager if it says anything?if you can see it you can try to delete it and reboot.
If not try recovery console.I did this on XP pro SP1.you can install from windows(check help).Inside try to use
fixboot and fixmbr.You will probably get msg that you have non standard partition table or something similar.I hope that will help.

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As long as you can see your drive in device manager

by animatech In reply to Windows XP is hiding my h ...

I don't think you need to replace it.
What probably happened is some sort of software\driver upgrade that went through.
I agree with the 2nd advice to run fixboot and fixmbr.
I would also run sfc /scannow from command prompt.
Finally I will try to recover windows instalation via recovery console.
Don't forget to backup all your important data before making any changes
One more Q when loading in safe mode can you see the drive?

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