Windows XP is not starting up

By prasoot ·
I am having a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows XP.
When I press the power button, the light blinks for few seconds (3-4 seconds) and then it goes off. The windows is not getting started at all. This is happening most of the times I tried. But sometime when I try to go to BIOS setup (F2) or safe mode (F5) or Boot Menu (F12)as soon as I press the power button, it starts booting. It was booted for once after I was trying different Function keys but somehow it went off due to power failure after that. I am not able to put the XP CD in the drive as the drive is not getting opened up in those 3-4 second when the laptop is in the power ON state. On few occasions I also got the message "Windows could not start properly last time" and all the options for starting the window in different modes - safe mode, last known configuration, normally, command prompt but the OS gets hanged after this screen and I have to hard boot the machine again. In the boot menu, the default source of OS is Internal Hard Disc. Also on few occasions the CD drive could came out by pressing thst when the laptp was in power ON state and looks like on that occasion Windows started booting to stage before it gets hanged again.

Appreciate your thoughts and resolution.

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My gut feeling is

by tintoman In reply to Windows XP is not startin ...

that this is either a memory (RAM) fault or possibly the computer is over heating.
Incidentally if you want to open the cd drawer and insert the os disk before you boot up you can do so by inserting a paper clip or similar in the tiny hole in the front of the cd drawer

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now showing Blue screen

by prasoot In reply to My gut feeling is

Somehow when I pressed the portion of laptop just above the DVD drive is fixed while doing the power on of the laptop, the computer starts booting..then I reinstalled Windows XP with my XP CD. After it was completed the computer started normally..after working for 1 hour it started physical memory dump showing blue screen..after that when I normally starts the machine by powering ON it goes off in 3-4 seconds without displaying anything on the screen. Again I have to press that portion (the portion above DVD Drive near key board)quite forcefully and then it starts booting but again it shows the blue screen.. Kindly suggest what to do in this case. if this is RAM problem should I open the screws and re-fix the RAM..any suggestions?

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Ram testing

by drivers1492 In reply to now showing Blue screen

A simple test if the laptop has 2 sticks of ram remove one and boot the machine. If you still are having problems shut down and swap the sticks out and try again. Also you can download a bootable iso to test the ram like memtest there are many available.

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now showing Blue screen

by balge In reply to now showing Blue screen

sounds like an internal short or disconnect
check the power connections cables and bracket internally
what does the blue screen say?
does not sound like any RAM problem I ever had


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Different Blue screen errors

by prasoot In reply to now showing Blue screen

I am getting the blue screen after 15-30 minutes everytime I manage to boot my machine.

There are different errors showing on blue screen each time it comes. like..
1. Page fault in non-paged area. problem reading in win32k.sys.

2. Driver corrupted (problem in driver.sys)

These are two of many other messages I am getting.

I have done the follwing to try my luck to fix these errors..

1. I have reinstalled Windows XP on my machine and the errors have been same after that.

2. I have removed 1 RAM slot, interchanged the RAMs with no luck.

3. I have removed the DVD drive, battery to isolate the cause of errors.

I have observed that, generally when I press the power button my machine does not boot and the power light goes off. But when I press my machine firmly at the both sides of palm rest then it starts booting. I have also feeling this might be the case of internal power connection. Looks like there is some lose connetion internally.

Like you suggested to check the power connections cables and bracket internally
. Pl let me know how I can do that.

Can someone suggest how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

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by prasoot In reply to Windows XP is not startin ...

At the end I reformatted my hard drive and installed the Windows XP gain. The blue screen is not coming but yes I am still getting the the power on off problem sometimes. My machine is at least running now except that It does not start in one go sometimes and I have to gently press the palm rest sometimes to see the boot screen..

After i am sure there is some lose connection inside, can someone suggest how can i fix that. As I have mentioned I have already reseated and interchanged the RAM slots, formatted the hard drive, have done the fresh installation of XP..I wanted to know what is inside Palm rest that needs a push to start my machine..can I do something to fix that..

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