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Windows XP keeps looping

By almashdi ·
I am trying to install Windows XP on a Compal AT 23 notebook which is on Microsoft compatibility list. I had installed WinXP before on this notebook but I had to replace my hard drive and hence trying to install the OS again.
I have tried 2 different 40GB hard drives and 3 version of Windows XP pro. Original, one with SP1 and one with SP2. Installation goes through its 1st phase OK. Notebook is rebooted and it goes thorough the 2nd phase. At this point if I do not have Windows XP CD in my optical drive, a message pops up to say it needs a CD labelled Win XP pro Service Pack 2 CD. So I insert the CD, it seems some files are copied over, again I enter user name and admin PW etc. Notebook reboots and it goes through the same process over and over. On the same notebook for testing purposes I have installed 2003 Server without any problems. I have formatted the HD Several times. Each time using different version of Windows and the same problem repeat itself.

Please note that Wixdows XP was installed and it was running OK before. I do not have the old hard drive any more so I cannot test to see if the old OS still works or not.

Any ideas as what causes this looping problem?

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by dmiles In reply to Windows XP keeps looping

Using the different Windows XP disks may be confusing the system activation mechanism,the system is reading the hardware changes and does not recognize the files stored from previous installation setup.

Check the hardware compatiblity their could be a a driver that is causing the system to reboot.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows XP keeps looping

a laptop. yuk. a compal? laptop. that sounds hard. i can't even find their website...
just tossing stuff out on stoop to see what cat licks up:
have you considered trying another cd drive
or copying files manually to drive then running setup from there?
anything in the setup log
disable acpi in bios and try it
contact mfg.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

sorry. it's right there at
but i don't see your fix
you might try updating to latest bios version

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by almashdi In reply to

Thanks Shults.,

Compal manufactures notebook for Dell, HP and others.
I have the latest version of BIOS installed. Have tried it running from HD to no avail. Windows 2000 and Win 2003 Server install OK using CDROM drive. I cannot install Windows XP using 3 version of XP CDs and formating every single time when I use a different version.

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