Windows XP - Limiting Connections

By mikeadams1137 ·
Heya all, this is a re-post of my earlier mistake in a discussion.

Let me fill you in on the background...

I'm the IT Admin for our terminal located in Indiana. We have 15 PCs all on the same network, that have to access...another "computer" on a daily basis. This computer is running XP Pro, and has been configured for this reason. I call it a server, although we all really know its not. For the sake of discussion, in reference to "server" I am referring to this PC.

We have a folder called Shared contains all of our paperwork, spread sheets, documents, everything...every PC works out of this folder, and we save to the folder...and everyone is on the same page. The problem I am having is...different PCs on our network, at different times cannot connect to the "server". It says "the computer has reached the maximum number of connections allowed".

This has been bothering us for around two months now...the easy quick fix is to just restart the server, and then everything is fine, for awhile. The hassle is when it happens, when I'm not around...or at 2 AM in the morning, etc..

I researched it fully, and I understand SP2 limits the maximum concurrent TCP/IP connections to 10, I used a registry tweak and increased this number to 50. We still have the problem. Using an article I found on here, I went into the group policy and made a change to some Domain registry, increased it from 10 to 50 aswell. This seemed to fix the problem for the other guy, although his was linked with Printers...however; Printers on a network use a TCP/IP connection as well, and I believe the same principles apply in my situation.

My question: Has anyone experienced this problem, and does anyone KNOW a work around? I would appreciate every bit of feed back possible, I've tried with Windows, with,, and no one knows what this is.

I think I have covered the aspect and all problems in whole, thanks guys.


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Have you tried the "NET SHARE" command?

by deepsand In reply to Windows XP - Limiting Con ...

Theoretically, by using NET SHARE command, with the /users:number or the /unlimited parameters, you should be able to arbitrarily set the number of users allowed to simultaneously access the shared resource.

For description of this command, see

You can also view the syntax from a CMD box, via NET SHARE /?.

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by mikeadams1137 In reply to Have you tried the "NET S ...

Thanks, I'll report back soon.

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I'll have to wait a bit to know of how you fare; ...

by deepsand In reply to Nope

I'll be taking an off-line holiday for a week or so.

While I've never had to use the "NET SHARE" command itself for anything other than identifying share names, I have found the various "NET" commands to be quite useful for solving all sorts of strange problems. In particular, you might want to check out "NET USE;" it's real handy for dealing with mapping issues across both local and shared resources.

I'll check back here after the holidays.

Do enjoy your's.

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Problem still persists

by mikeadams1137 In reply to I'll have to wait a bit t ...

net share SharedFiles="c:\Shared Files" /remark:"Quickway Carriers" /unlimited

Shares the File..but to not prevail...still get the problem after 5-6 PCs connect to it, says the PC has taken the maximum number of connection it can take.

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I have the same problem

by tbarr In reply to Problem still persists

Tried the registry tweak as well. I'm assuming it was the lanmanserver tweak.

My boss doesnt want to go the server route just yet.

After 10 connections, no matter what I try, I get the no more connections as well.

If you find the fix some day let me know and I will do the same.



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We just limited our users..

by mikeadams1137 In reply to I have the same problem

Subject says it all, I'm in process of learning LINUX and SAMBA, actually easy stuff, I'm playing around with this live CD, pretty cool ^^:;. For now though, we just limited the users to 10...decided 10 most important that have to be in it, we got it down to 9 mandatory, with 1 regular..and no problems since, consider maybe cracking down :) Its nice to have everyone on the same page, but is it really necessary?

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How about installing a server?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Windows XP - Limiting Con ...

Re printers, I had the same problem last year I moved 100+ users to a new office and four laser printers, connected through Windows XP, exceeded 10 connections each. Once the printer was connected directly through its own network port, each Kyocera was happily handling over 10 connections when Windows did not interfere.

The limit of 10 is there for a reason - to get you to buy a server licence.

As an alternative to Microsoft, you may want to consider e.g. Fedora Core with the inbuilt Samba server to provide the Windows file server functionality.

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by mikeadams1137 In reply to How about installing a se ...

I thought it might come down to something like this...I've tried registry tweaks to increase maximum TCP/IP connection, work arounds, via netshare/netuse. Its like everything I do points to that 10 limit max being broken, but...its not. Whats the price range on the Fedora Core? I don't have the authority to buy such things, I'll have to pass it along to my boss, the manager of technical services...heh, I'll direct him here see what he says.

Note: My problem lies more with file sharing, we don't do much network printing, but could that be affecting it? You think if I were to remove what network printers we have...might allow more computers to connect to the server?

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Thumbs Up

by mikeadams1137 In reply to How about installing a se ...

You were right, after reviewing the problem with boss, and relaying your information to him, we conjured up this..

The 10 user limit was imposed with XP SP2, for security You grab a virus, only 10 PCs will be affected, in theory.

Reality: MS wants you to go boss's response to me..

"You ready to start learning about Linux and Samba, Mike?"

lol...Thanks for all your help.

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Plenty of options

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Thumbs Up

You may want to get first a few runs on the board by downloading e.g. the Ubuntu CD (also available free of charge) which you can install on any old PC without changing anything on the hard drive, test it and decide if you want to install it. Details at

Fedora is now 6 CDs or a DVD which can be downloaded free of charge from ISPs at least here in Australia have the latest Linux distributions available on their servers for a fast download.

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