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Windows XP login hangs.

By Hondra ·
I have set up 5 computers on an existing windows 2000 domain.

2 computers can login to the server with no delay at all.

The other 3 take approx 5-10 minutes to log into the server and i dont know why.

Also recently all machines will become disconnected from the server overnight everyone has to come in and restart their computer and complain (to me) about it.

Windows 2000 server domain enviroment
Linksys Router (yeah... i know)
DHCP through the Linksys router.

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by Hondra In reply to Windows XP login hangs.

Upon further investigation...

The 2 computers htat login quickly only have "Guest" and "Administrator" in the users foler. The rest have the users name as well as "Guest" and "Administrator". I am at a total loss. I thought I set them all up the same way.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Windows XP login hangs.

A couple of things to check.

See if you can see the computer system objects in Active Directory's Users and Computers MMC. If you can and they are greyed out, this means they have lost the RPC session to the DC. Highlight the object and right click and choose reset account. After rebooting the user system having issues, this usually resolves the issue.

You can verify that a secure channel has been established with the command:


If you do not see the computer object, then check the client system to see if it properly joined the domain. You can force a system into the domain using the NETDOM command.

You can see examples of the use of NETDOM here:

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by Hondra In reply to

Invormative but didn't solve my problem.

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by Hondra In reply to

Invormative but didn't solve my problem.

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by Hondra In reply to Windows XP login hangs.

OK, i have narrowed it down... when i disable the "WORKSTATION" service it logs in fine but i cannot connect to the network and am able to connect to the internet. When i enable it, it takes a long time to load but after that everything is functional. hopefully this helps.

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by edwerg In reply to Windows XP login hangs.

I ran into a similar problem, it turned out to be a power related problem. If you have a managed UPS connected to the server and / or the PC's check to see if there have been any power related outages etc. If you do not have a UPS connected to your equipment get some. Hope this helps.

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UPS Blackout Blaster 600TX cause the similar problem

by cymee123 In reply to

I don't understand why UPS will cause this problem. One of the pc in my company also meet a same problem. After I take the power supply direct from the wall plug (that mean not go through UPS) i can successfully login to windows. Anybody know why power related issue will cause this problem??

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by exNN In reply to Windows XP login hangs.

Check DNS and WINS service and server are configured the same as the computers that log in fast.

Good luck

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by kopio In reply to Windows XP login hangs.

Have u try to use administrator account to log in the other 3 computer. Check the logon time, is that remain the same time (5-10 minutes)to log into server!!
This might be is the user profile too large, so when log in to domain will take time to load profile.

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by simkin101 In reply to Windows XP login hangs.

I may have a solution for your problem. I had this same exact problem on my network at home, and I just installed everything clean within the past week.

What you have to do is go onto each client computer and ADD the SERVER IP to your list of DNS servers.

For example... my server is on my local network. So, I put this entry into my DNS list:

Make sure you still have your ISPs DNS listed AFTER that one. The server IP has to be the first DNS on the list for some reason.

NOTE: You can make this even easier if you have a router. Just add the server's local IP address to the list of DNS servers in the router itself. If you're using DHCP on your network, then the clients will grab this DNS automatically.

Hope this helps like it did me!

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