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Windows XP Login/Startup issue

By brian ·

I have an old HP Pavilion that is running XP Pro. Recently installed SP2. Now, when I start the machine, it shows the windows logo, gets ready to load the desktop then reboots. When I start in Safe Mode, whether I login as Admin or a user, I click on that user, it says "Loading your settings" briefly, then kicks back to the login screen with the users listed.

Any ideas on how I can't get this to a desktop?

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by Roseon In reply to Windows XP Login/Startup ...

hmmm it could be a virus thats doing that. have you tried system restoring by chance? i dont think you can run system restore through the choices.. but you could try a factory restore.. but that means you will lose all data so i don't think you would do that.

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by brian In reply to

Thanks for your reply.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Login/Startup ...

You could try an Inplace Install provided that you don't have any files Encrypted. If you haven't used the EFS Encryption you can follow the directions here for an Inplace install

If you have encrypted the files you'll need to remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and then recover the Encryption Key/s by following the directions here

You may have to follow a couple of links from here as currently the MS Site is down for maintains or whatever. While you could use the drive as a Slave I find it faster & easier to just dump it into a USB Caddy and use that to save your Data & Encryption Key/S from as there is no messing about with jumpers.

When you do an Inplace install you'll keep all your Software settings and so on but if you have a Registry error you'll get to keep that as well so to make sure that you don't have a hardware problem drop in a Live Linux and Boot off the Linux CD if that works without a problem you can then attack Windows knowing that the problem is there and you don't have a hardware issue that needs looking at. The Live Linux will run entirely from RAM and will have no affect on your current HDD/s with Windows on them.


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by brian In reply to

As it turns out this person is using an illegal copy of XP Pro. Im not doing anything to it short of a format/reload.

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by brian In reply to Windows XP Login/Startup ...

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