Windows XP looses connection with netword

By hisservant ·
On two separate networks that I have set up, one being my home network, I have one computer using windows XP that will loose connection with my network. I have tried reconnecting and using msconfig to do a diagnostic boot with no success in correcting the problem. The only thing that seemed to work was reinstalling windows. A repair install would not work, only a full install. Any ideas what may be causing this. It has happend twice on my home system and once on the other system. All the other computers on both networks connect fine.

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Are these Peer to Peer or a Domain?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP looses connect ...

If they are on a domain how are the IP Addresses issued?

If they are on a Peer to Peer again how are the IP Address issued?

Have you tried Running the IP Clear and IP Renew?

If the IP addressed are set to Auto Detect can you change this to a Static IP Address and have the unit constantly connected to the LAN?

If you have a Static IP Address can you change it to Auto Detect and have it working constantly?

Also what other OS/s are these computers connecting to and how are they connecting to them? Through a Managed Switch, Hub or Router?

If these two computers are connected to the Internet are they protected by an up to date AV Program to prevent infections?

If they are protected is it a Local Installation or a Server Installation?

Have you scanned either machine for Malware/Spy ware when they stop working?

It really sounds as if you are picking up some kind of infection that is adversely impacting on these computers.


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