Windows XP/MCE reboots at Welcome screen

By chamberlinbill ·
We experienced a power outage this morning while away from home.
Since we got home, the system has been cycling through reboots without getting any further than the Windows Welcome screen.
During the Windows XP progress screen, the screen blinks off then comes back. It proceeds to the blue Welcome screen, then goes blank and starts at POST again.
I have tried looking into the XP Recovery Console as well as the HP Recovery, but nothing has changed. I had thought the drive was a recovery partition, but the recovery default mode said it would result in the removal of all applications.

Help, please.

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re Power Outage

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Windows XP/MCE reboots at ...

The power outage and surge that accompanies them has probably damaged one or more components. Sounds as if it either got the power supply, motherboard or the video. Just as soon as the video is pushed to a higher resolution than what you see during boot (ie it's drawing more energy), the system reboots. My first guess would be the power supply, since it takes the brunt of the surge. Hopefully, it didn't get any further.

Being an HP, chances are that the recovery mode WILL delete the contents of the drive, so don't go that route just yet.

Try booting in safe mode to see if the hard drive is still intact (press F8 shortly after POST is done and before you see "starting windows"). You have to be quick to catch it. If it is, go no further. If it's still under waranty, use it. If not, take it to an HP service center (repair shop) where they can test the components.

When you go to pick it up again, purchase a UPS that is powerful enough for that system, plug it in and use it so this won't happen again.

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Safe Mode

by chamberlinbill In reply to re Power Outage

I tried to boot into Safe Mode.

The first time, I got the selections and I chose to try starting in just Safe Mode. It made it as far as the Welcome screen before bailing and starting over again, same cycle as originally described.

The second time, I selected boot from Last Known Good Configuration. This resulted in a flashing cursor at the top left of the monitor screen, then blank, then...nothing.

All further attempts to access the Safe Mode screen were unsuccessful, resulting in the same flashing cursor followed by a blank screen.

It is now in the hands of a local, recommended computer tech/repair shop.

Thanks ThumbsUp2 for helping.

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Probably a good idea,

by ComputerCookie In reply to Safe Mode

however you could have tried an inplace installation if you did't want to loose data and reload applications!

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Core Failure

by chamberlinbill In reply to Probably a good idea,

Initial diagnostic report from the tech seems to indicate one of the dual cores has failed. Diagnosis is not 100% concrete at this time.
The machine is based on the Intel DuoCore.
HD and associated controllers appeared in tact.
Still waiting for a final declaration of damage.

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