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hey guys,
I am having a problem with my gateway laptop.It was causing problems right from the first week I bought it. Too many blue screens everyday and crashes. In the beginning the DvD drive was not working. Later it started to work. I disabled the restore system in my computer recently because I suspect the computer was infected with trojan virus which I was unable to remove-trojan fujif gen. I used a sophos antivirus to remove it. I think I ended up losing a windows XP ROOT SYSTEM 32 hal.dll, because when I booted the system again the foolowing mesage was displayed -- windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt windows root system 32 hal.dll.The system always used to start with a recovery prompt from the first weeek i bought , i guess because of a driver problem with DVD. Whenever I tried to recover by using the recovery windows xp media center 2005 with update roll up the files use to be copied upto 3% and then the following message used to come up--the file C:\1386\DRV\DTA\DTA.LST CANNOT BE RECOVERED. I stopped using the recovery strategy. The reason why I disabled the restore process recently was to prevent restoration to a previous stage where trojan could be present. After I used the sophos anti virus root kit and lost the dll I tried to run a cd with the said dll downloaded from internet. Now the problem is whenever I boot the system the recovery prompt screen comes up and when I run the recivery CD the files copy as before upto 3 % and then stop and the previous mesage comes up. How do I solve this problem I have some imp documents on the hard drive. i canot lose them. If I installl oanothe operating system is it going to work and how do I install anothe OS. ANY HELP WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED

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