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Windows XP Media Edition Question

By jasals ·
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WinXP Media Edition Question

by jasals In reply to Windows XP Media Edition ...

I'm helping a friend rebuild his Dell PC.  He just had a
technician reinstall a new hard drive, started reinstalling Windows XP
Media edition for him and left.  (normal procedure), well after a
few hours, the Dell customer service rep called and my friend had to go
on line to download the drivers (audio, video, chipset, etc). 
After I found out that my friend has the exat same model PC that I do,
I figured if I went over there and installed the drivers the same way I
did mine, it should work.  I reinstalled all my drivers from an
external USB 80GB drive to my PC without any problems.  I have
Windows XP, my friend has WinXP Media Edition.  This is the first
time I've ever seen the WinXP Media Edition platform.  Almost all
of the drivers I tried installing, the following error kept popping
up..."The InstallShield Engine (kernel.exe) could not be launched The
RPC server is unavailable" I've reloaded numerous systems from scratch,
but can't say I ever remember seeing this error.  The PC boots up
to the desktop pretty slowly as well, way too slow for a Pent IV / 3.0
Ghz system.  Is there anybody out there that might offer some
suggestions.  The Internet Explorer does not work either. 
Everythim I hit the "E" icon, the system is asking me what program
would I like to view the file in.  It sounds like a bad
install.  I offered to put Windows XP Home Edition on, but he's
waiting to hear from Dell.  The Dell drivers from their website
are exactly like the ones I used on my PC, we both have the same model,
speed, processor, etc.  Any suggestions would be greatly

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