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Windows XP Must be Shutdown Twice

By smicinski ·
Suddenly I must click shutdown twice before my computer shuts down. Everything works fine when it does shutdown though. I go to Start and choose "Turn Off Computer", the menu pops up and I click on Shutdown. The screen flashes very quickly and then nothing. I click on Start and Turn Off Computer" again and click Shutdown and I shutdown perfectly but what gives? It seemed to start doing this for no reason I can think of. Help please!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Windows XP Must be Shutdo ...

Scan the system for malware. You can get the Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta for free.

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by smicinski In reply to Windows XP Must be Shutdo ...

Have tried virus search and spybot search neither of which turned up anything.

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by dustyD In reply to Windows XP Must be Shutdo ...

I wonder if it would act the same when you shutdown from safe mode. Next time you start up, do it in safe mode. Try running a couple of apps like you normally would, then try to shutdown.
Also, after you hit shutdown the first time, look at taskmgr to see what processes are running, then post back here the list.

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by darrynmarr1979 In reply to Windows XP Must be Shutdo ...

could be a program running in the background that takes a lot of time to close, u see when u shut down all programs running on xp( with the exception of a few) try to save data before windows xp closes, could just be that

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xp shutdown twice

by djsteich In reply to Windows XP Must be Shutdo ...

I removed the HP Imaging Monitor from the startup folder and my problem went away.

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