Windows XP Network Printing?

By gizatm ·
A network with several Windows XP machines.

Computer A is directly connected to an HP printer. Computer B is connected with Computer A via a network.

Computer B sees the printer in the network, adds it and confirms that the printer is in ready state. It adds the printer with both Active Directory and directly (\\ComputerA) ("Add to Active Directory" ticks changed in printer settings).

When Computer B prints a document, a message shows up saying the job is complete, however the physical printer does nothing! Printer prints Computer A's tasks with no problem.

What can be the cause?

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File and Printer Sharing

by Kenone In reply to Windows XP Network Printi ...

Computer A must be set up for File and Printer sharing, the printer must be shared and computer B must have permission to print to it. Of course, computer A must be turned on to print.

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Reponse To Answer

by gizatm In reply to File and Printer Sharing

Thanks for the answer, Kenone,

Forgot to mention, that I did the exact same thing. Shared the printer and made sure Everyone could print on it... But it still wouldn't print!

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Detailed Steps

by gizatm In reply to Windows XP Network Printi ...

Here are some detailed steps on what I did:

1) Connected the printer to Computer A and installed the driver. Computer A can print.
2) Enabled File sharing option of the printer using Computer A. I made sure the printer is added to Active Directory and Everyone can print on it.
3) On Computer B, I added the printer using Active Directory (made sure it is the printer connected to Computer A) and it was in the Ready state. When I print, a message shows up saying "The document is printed" but in reality no document is printed.
4) I then removed the printer from Active Directory and added it to Computer B using direct network connection to Computer A (\\ComputerA). Browsed for the correct printer and added it. Still, the same result -- computer notifies the document was printed, but nothing is printed in reality.

Computer B sees Computer A in the network.

Interesting thing is that Computer C (located in the same domain and network) can print using Computer A's printer!!!

Any thoughts?

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"Use Printer Offline" ??

by oldbaritone In reply to Windows XP Network Printi ...

Sometimes a network printer will go into the offline state. In the "Printers and Faxes" screen, right-click the printer and be sure that "Use Printer Offline" is not checked.

If it is, you might want to clear the queue before you un-check it to put it online, or else you will get all of the backed-up queue dumped to the printer all at once.

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Reponse To Answer

by gizatm In reply to "Use Printer Offline ...

Hi, oldbaritone,

I took a look at the option, but it was not available on the machines, i.e. printers didn't have that option. I guess the option is similar to "Enable File Sharing" option.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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Still Not Working

by gizatm In reply to Windows XP Network Printi ...

The printers are still not printing. Anyone has any ideas what the problem is?

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by d3vans In reply to Windows XP Network Printi ...

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