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Windows XP Networking Problem

By Ciscodude ·
On a small network(Win98 & XP) I have shared several folders on the XP PC. These folders hold Quickbooks and Shopkey databases. From a 98 PC (which has the shares mapped and is logged on as an admin-equivalent user) when the shopkey data is accessedalone every thing is OK. When Quickbooks is run at the same time, it can not access any shares from the XP PC. Does any one know of any XP networking issues that would cause this to occur?

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Windows XP Networking Problem

by andres In reply to Windows XP Networking Pro ...

If you have the computer with XP in NTFS system you have a security problem, go to the folder and check the sharing permmision tab, and check the users with privilege then go to security tab and check the users permission privilegs, in both folder must be the same users privileges.

Another simple solution, in the XP move the folder with your special files to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents, and share that folder. Dont forget to check the users permissions on both tabs (Sharing and security)

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Windows XP Networking Problem

by Magetower In reply to Windows XP Networking Pro ...

When using XP in a mixed environment with 95/98 you have to either...

1. Make user accounts on the XP system with user names and passwords that match EXACTLY the one in use on the 95/98 system.


2. Change the primary login for the 95/98 system to match an account in use on the XP system.

As long as you follow one of the above rules access the the shares on the XP system should work in all cases.

The only other thing is that the Quickbooks program may be attempting to connectusing a different set of credentials.

You may want to start auditing the logon/logoff activity on the XP system to see if that is where your problem lies.

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Windows XP Networking Problem

by joerie_b In reply to Windows XP Networking Pro ...

make sure that you have tcp/ip installed in your win98 nad configure it with your XP

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Windows XP Networking Problem

by Ciscodude In reply to Windows XP Networking Pro ...

Additional Info: When the mapped drive for QB is removed and a UNC path is used instead, the XP shares can be accessed and the QB file opened. In reviewing the decode from a net scan, the 98 PC requests to read a file from the XP PC. The XP PC returns a CIFS/SMB message "status=Invalid File Handle" and an error class=1 (error is from OS). Does any one know how to interpret this?

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