Windows XP - no hard disk

By johnnys ·
Dell Vostro 1200 - trying to install XP on a blank, formatted hard disk (SATA).
Installed UBUNTU on a partition - no problems. Trying to run the XP install, it tells me there is no disk.Is there a way to load the driver for the SATA HD without an external USB floppy drive? BTW, I downloaded all the XP drivers for the Vostro.
Trying to get help from Dell, after giving the service code, they refused because the computer (a few months old) was bought at auction. This is not correct but I bought it from a private vendor - why would this make a difference? It seems reasonable that the manufacturer should not refuse support just because it was not bought from the company or distributor. No more Dell for me!

Thanks for suggestions...

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Easy answer here is to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP - no hard disk

With the SATA Driver on it. You can use nLite available free to download here


To make the Slipstreamed Install Disc and include the SATA Driver. You can also include any Service Packs and Hot Fixes not on your XP Install Disc as well as the Drivers for the Dell. I would suggest including the Sound Driver at the very least because the Realtech Sound Drivers are not Digitally Signed and if you connect to the M$ Update Servers before installing the sound driver you will never get the sound working till you do another install of XP.

Though there is nothing stopping you including all of the Hardware Drivers for this system.


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Thanks, I'll try

by johnnys In reply to Easy answer here is to ma ...

I have no experience with slipstreaming but I'll give it a go. There are some 20 driver files, I guess that the SCSI, Intel chipset and Realtek Audio are the ones to include.
Thanks again.

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You don't need the SCSI driver.

by Ron K. In reply to Thanks, I'll try

You have a SATA hard drive. SCSI is a type of hard drive. <br>

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nLite has it's instructions listed here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks, I'll try


It's really quite easy and not at all difficult, just follow the directions though you'll not need the SCSI Driver but depending on which M'Board Maker made the M'Board you may require a RAID or SATA Driver. These are the same but get called either of these by the different makers.

edited to add Don't forget the Video Driver though.


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by johnnys In reply to nLite has it's instructio ...

Yes, sorry, my mistake.

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I think you went about things the wrong way.

by Ron K. In reply to Windows XP - no hard disk

I think that you should've installed Windows first, then UBUNTU. UBUNTU should make room for itself outside of the Windows partition and allow you to dual boot. Maybe people get dual boot installations after installing some form of Linux first but until I'm shown by someone I'm going to continue thinking that you have to install Windows first. <br>
I believe you'll have to wipe out the hard drive and start over. If you do don't spend too much time getting Windows up to snuff until you can dual-boot. <br>
You're blaming Dell for something that's not their problem. You're trying to do something that's not within their bailiwick. Yours isn't a standard installation. You 'broke' it with UBUNTU and expect them to 'fix it' so you can do something their box didn't do when it left the factory? Seriously? Really? <br>
You may as well get ALL of Dell's drivers. You're going to need most of them. Burn 'em to a CD or slipstream them as OH Smeg says. You CAN generally load Dell drivers once you get into Windows.

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About Dell

by johnnys In reply to I think you went about th ...

(i) yes, you are right I should have installed Windows first. I'll reformat the HD and start from there.
(ii) as to Dell, no, I did not ask Dell to fix anything. They refused to talk to me BEFORE I had the chance to tell them why I was trying to contact their support. I think you were a bit hasty with your comment.

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Er, you only get support if you have been a registered customer of Dell.

by seanferd In reply to About Dell

Doesn't matter at all what you were going to ask them. It's a bit like calling Ford and asking about a second-hand car you bought, and why the non-Ford-approved engine you just put in it doesn't work. It gives them two reasons to refuse support, if they somehow let you get to the second reason.

Best way to deal with it is simply to go to their site, and get all the drivers for your system.

Even if you were a direct customer of Dell, they still wouldn't help you with a non-factory installed OS, even if it were a different version of Windows, unless they provided an official upgrade path for that OS.

Not haranguing you here, just letting you know how it works. Just because it says Dell on the case, it doesn't mean they have any obligation whatsoever to support it if you were not the original purchaser, calling within the time period for free phone support.

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