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    Windows XP not recognising audio hardware.


    by icefries ·

    My computer is no longer recognising my audio hardware, though it used to and the hardware is still functioning. The device manager no longer has the device listed nor is there an ‘unkown’ hardware icon. There was a program clean up done on my computer just recently and i’m worried that something important might have been deleted in that…?

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      by icefries ·

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      by bldsm ·

      In reply to Windows XP not recognising audio hardware.

      If your control panel / system / device manager lists the audi drivers as working uninstall them and reboot the machine. The PC will automatically reinstall them. If this doesn’t work take out the audio card (if it is separate) and reboot and the system will reinstall. The other thing it could be is a virus so try virus scanning and running adware and spy ware removal software. The later happened to us and a peice of spyware was corrupting the file. Removed it and bingo it works again. Have you also update your “windows updates” from microsoft (if this is your OS)?

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        chipset drivers

        by kpak44wh ·

        In reply to drivers

        sometimes if you don’t have the chipset drivers for the
        drivers, especially if the sound card is on the board, it won’t
        recognise or find the drivers. Via motherboards are that
        way. I would dowload a program called everest utility, and
        let it scan for hardware. Get the motherboard id and the
        name and look for the drivers on that motherboard’s
        website. Install the chipsite drivers,and the updated drivers.
        that should work

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