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Windows XP not starting up correctly.

By Bisonman80 ·
I recently bought a new ASUS motherboard and AMD processor... thats working. Now that I have installed XP Pro I am having problems. Everytime I start the computer it asks which operating system to use, and it gives a list including: Windows XP Home Edition, and another Windows XP Home Edition! Why does it do this. If I click on one of them it says I have a corrupt file and states some BS, then it restarts and the problems occur again. The only way i can get to windows xp pro is by reinstalling it and selecting repair mode. Please try your hardest to help me with my problem. Thanks.

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by gdh19701 In reply to Windows XP not starting u ...

It sounds to me that you have initially installed XP Home, and then upgraded to XP Pro. What may have occured during your installation of the software upgrade, you may have selected to install as a dual-boot. This sounds like it may be the only reason your system is displaying two versions of Windows XP (whether it is home or pro).

To start (in order to get a clean installation), I would first download an updated BIOS from ASUS. It may sound retarded that the BIOS may be outdated, even though the motherboard is new. It may be a new board to YOU, but the board itself may have been out for a couple of months. I don't know. ASUS is a good manufacturer of motherboards, and I have had good success with them in the past. While I TRULY doubt it, there is a possibility there may be a firmware update for your AMD processor. I know it sounds far-fetched, but check. Also check the manufacturer website for firmware updates for your hard drive, and if there are any compatibility issues with AMD and ASUS. When all else fails, I would check the Microsoft HCL for your specific products, even if it says Microsoft XP certified on the box.

Once you have completed these, then I would proceed with a clean installation of Windows XP (if you have the full version of Home, and an Upgrade for Pro, you should still be okay). Make sure to reformat your hard drive before installing WinXP (either version). This way you know there are no known remants on the hard drive that could cause conflict between both versions of XP.

Hope this helps..

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Windows XP not starting u ...


go to
download the image to start dos or win98 via a diskette.
then use the fdisk to delete all partitions from the harddisk.
then use your windows xp pro cd to install a fresh copy. You will get 1 bootmenu (since it only one who wont see it, and a good working xp pro os.


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change the attributes on the c:\boot.ini file so that you can edit it. Then delete the section pertaining to Windows XP Home Edition. Now try to reinstall XP Pro. Or just delete the entire boot.ini file and reinstall.

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