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    Windows XP OEM keys


    by iluvit ·

    Hello all, I have about a dozen old Dell (Optiplex) machines with Windows XP license of authenticity stickers on them. I dont have the original CDs but would like to reinstall Windows XP on another machine using the OEM XP serial number(s). I’m sure someone will say that’s illegal or whatnot, but I am reinstalling it on the same Dell models. Can I just use any Windows XP full version CD to install Windows and when it prompts me for a key, I can use the OEM key from these stickers?

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      by iluvit ·

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      You could but…

      by bart777 ·

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      You may need to find an actual OEM CD to install from. The full retail version and the OEM were not quite the same when it came to licensing.

      As for the legality, you are fine. You are simply reinstlling the OS onto the same hardware that it was on before and using the key that is on the device itself. You’re fine.

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      Need Dell OEM CD

      by thechas ·

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      You will need a Dell OEM CD in order to use the Dell keys. Microsoft has tied OEM distributions to hardware. So, you do need to have the correct media and key.

      Pacific Geeks was selling Dell branded XP CDs for under $20. They claim they are good for just about any Dell system.

      As to licensing, read the OEM EULA again. The OEM key IS tied to the specific computer. You CANNOT legally use the key on a different system even if the other hardware is from the same manufacture.

      Of course, the risk is yours to take if you so desire.


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