Windows Xp on a macbook, problems with display settings on windows side

By matthew schmalz ·
Hey, i am not very good with technology, obviously why im posting here ha ha. I have a macbook, about a year old, not a macbook pro, and i used bootcamp to install windows on it. When i start up my computer, and go into the windows side, as soon as i type in my password to my user account, everything loads fine, my backround and all my settings are fine, then all of the sudden, the screen goes dark.

Not 100% dark, i can see things on the screen barely, and can navigate around, start programs, even play my online game on it. When i boot into the mac side of the computer, it works fine, the light is fine, thats the side im on right now posting this. My cat sat on my computer last night when it was on and the windows side, and now the screen is dark and i cant fix it. Any ideas? Again, the light is fine, its not burnt out because it works just fine until it goes into windows. Im trying to reset the display settings, but i duno what im doing cause i can barely see a thing on the windows side ha ha. thank you for reading this, sorry for the Wall O text.

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Your cat has figured out the Fn combination to dim the screen

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows Xp on a macbook, ...

The MacBook has a 'Fn' key at the bottom left hand corner of the keyboard.

When this 'Fn' key is held down and 'F1' is also pressed - it dims the screen.

Fn+F2 raises the brightness again.

Assuming that the hardware settings are retained by whichever operating system is in play at any given time, that might explain why Windows is dark yet the Mac OS is lighter. :)

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