Windows XP on ACER Aspire 5532

By jdlunt191 ·
I have an Aspire 5532 that I purchased not too long ago. the problem with it is that the battery only lasts two hours with Windows 7 on it. I want to put XP on with the hopes that it'll improve battery life, but I get stumped when booting from my XP disk. The disk is a copy of a genuine disk that I modified to have SATA Support about a year ago. When I boot from the disk, it will do its usual loading, but when it gets to the point where it says "Starting Windows" it crashes. Can anyone elaborate or help me with a solution?

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XP onAspire 5532

by jdlunt191 In reply to Windows XP on ACER Aspire ...

To provide more detail, the XP Disk is a modification of an original that I own. I modified it using nLite so that it would have SP3 and SATA Support. I have another ACER that's a desktop with a SATA and the disk works on it just fine. I have a valid key, so nothing is illegal about the copy that I have.

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Was that disk from Acer?

by seanferd In reply to XP onAspire 5532

An OEM copy, that is? If so, it probably does not have the drivers for your new Acer, and there may not, in fact, be any XP drivers for some hardware in your new Acer.

Also, note that it is still illegal if you have that same copy of XP running on both machines.

Otherwise, check the Acer site for drivers for your new laptop.

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XP Disk

by jdlunt191 In reply to Was that disk from Acer?

No. It's an OEM Copy.

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Acer aspire 5532

by vex338 In reply to XP onAspire 5532

sorry again but the windows Xp Doesn't run on the acer aspire as the laptop only supports windows vista and windows 7 personally you can still have a copy of an iso windows xp running on a program called Vmware or virtural machine

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Oh yes it does

by thedeerhunter270 In reply to Acer aspire 5532

I'm running XP SP3 on an Acer 5532. Drivers were hard to find, as as you say, Acer doesn't support XP on this laptop.

But, XP is working fine with no issues at all.

Performance wise, XP works much better. I suspect the default W7 install on the 5532 is the problem, I may do a fresh install of W7 and see if its better.

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Well - the obvious question is ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP on ACER Aspire ...

Have you ever used this disc successfully?

Chances are that because Windows 7 is installed on the hard drive, you might not be able to simply overwrite one with the other - you'll probably have to wipe the hard drive BEFORE attempting to install Windows XP.

On a different (and more important) note - Windows 7 is less taxing on laptop battery life than Windows xp ever was. So you are on a hiding to nothing if you think XP will give you longer battery life.

2 hours battery life for an ACER Aspire is doing well.

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Disk Usage

by jdlunt191 In reply to Well - the obvious questi ...

To answer your question on the top, the disk has had several successful installations, so I know it works. Anyway, thanks for you feedback.

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OK so you have used this Install Disc successfully previously

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Disk Usage

But have you ever used it with this particular computer?

It is quite possible that the required Drivers for the Hardware that you are attempting to install to are not present.

You may need to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc especially for this system.

And I also agree if you are hanging your Hat on the Hope that the Battery will last longer with XP loaded rather than Either Vista or 7 you will be badly disappointed.

If you want the battery to last longer stop any unnecessary Disc usage especially Optical Disc Usage and cut back the Power tot he Display to the Minimum.

The more things you need to run the shorter the battery will last but the Biggest Power Drains are Optical Drives, mechanical HDD's and Monitors.

There is a reason why Netbooks use Solid State Drives and that is because there are no moving parts and they consume far less power than Mechanical Hard Disc Drives. Instead of changing the OS you may find it better to use a SSD instead of the more conventional HDD's.

OH and to Slipstream a XP Install Disc you can use nLite available free here

Just remember to read the directions for use listed under Guides on their Web Site. :0


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The REALLY obvious question

by zeleanon In reply to Windows XP on ACER Aspire ...

It's a 64 bit laptop, did anyone try windows xp 64 bit? If I'm not mistaken they made a version, though I've never used it.

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by GLIKE2 In reply to Windows XP on ACER Aspire ...

I also want to use XP because I prefer the interface... I succeeded with a slipstream XP, but 1st I set SATA to IDE in the BIOS. Also I found an ATI VGA driver that works:

Windows XP Pro/home
Radeon HD 3400 Series
ATI WDM Integrated Driver 9.12
DOWNLOAD FILE is: 9-12_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu.exe

I'm still need to get the audio and WIFI etc drivers.

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