Windows XP on HP laptop no colors all black and white

By rlsharpton ·
Following a memory upgrade windows boots and the colors of everything is black and white. There is color in BIOS and the windows splash screen is color, everything else is black and white. I have taken the memory out, no effect, I have tried adjusting everything to do with the color that I know of, resolution, themes, appearance, and more all still black and white. I have a remote access software installed, I can remote in and my display of this laptop is in color. I have booted to a live CD and it's color. Anyone have any ideas?

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First off - WHICH HP laptop and WHAT memory upgrade?..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP on HP laptop n ...

That way we all know what we're dealing with here.

How exactly did you change the memory - did you ADD to it or REPLACE it? How did you access the memory?

What kind of graphics system does this unspecified laptop have?

Have you checked whether it is maybe running under settings for the Visually Impaired - ie High Contrast?

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Did you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows XP on HP laptop n ...

enter the BIOS after the upgrade and save the settings prior to booting.

Open Control Panel, Accessibility Options, Display. Make sure that High Contrast is not checked. Also click on Settings and uncheck Use Shortcut. That will disable the Alt+Shift+Print Screen shortcut to High Contrast.

Try a System Restore to an earlier time.
1. Click Start.
2. Point to All Programs.
3. Point to Accessories.
4. Point to System Tools.
5. Click System Restore.
6. Follow the instructions on the wizard to restore to an earlier point.

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System Restore did it

by rlsharpton In reply to Did you

That I am aware of the video drivers were not touched, however, maybe the old ones behaved differently with the additional memory, I wish I would have tried that now. However, the system restore did the trick. Thanks for the advice.

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Adding the

by Jacky Howe In reply to System Restore did it

extra memory caused a Registry glitch and that is normally repaired with a System Restore. I didn't think that it had anything to do with drivers.

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The fact that...

by dixon In reply to Windows XP on HP laptop n ...

...color is normal with a live CD and with a remote connection offers a possible clue to the problem: older video drivers maybe not playing nice with the upgrade.

When you view the display with the CD, you're using the generic drivers contained on it. When you remote in, you're obviously using the adapter and drivers installed on whatever machine you're using. Neither of those two involve the locally installed drivers on the problem machine. One of the first things I'd try is downloading and installing updated ones.

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