Windows XP on thinkpad T41

By jsdehaan ·
Looking to purchase a used ThinkPad T41, but discovered a problem. When on battery power with a fully charged battery the system boots up, runs for several minutes on a program that I select, then Freezes briefly, then reboots. Over and over again. When plugged into an A/C outlet the unit works fine! I'm thinking this is a software problem with XP, but I'm not sure where to look.

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by ComputerCookie In reply to Windows XP on thinkpad T4 ...

If it works fine with A/C supply it means the battery life has degraded.

There's no reason to suspect any software you cause this type of behaviour.

I've seen them work (on full charge)for 20 - 30 mins, but if you transfer 100MB over a LAN after 5 mins its dead.

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Not the battery

by jsdehaan In reply to Battery

I tried the computer with another battery...not that. I also ran the PC Doctor that ran in DOS before the Windows XP loaded for over an hour on the battery. All the test came up fine. That's why I believe it's the software.

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by Bizzo In reply to Not the battery

Have a look at the Power Options in control panel to make sure that the system isn't shutting down after XX minutes of inactivity.

The other battery you tried, how old is it? It might actually have the same problem as the previous.

If you run the machine in DOS it will run for over an hour because the machine will not "time out" after inactivity, nor will it access the disk regularly swapping.

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by jsdehaan In reply to Software?

It is set for 5 Min. With that said I'll be in a program, say hearts, while playing a game and it will still freeze, then reboots. Open a program again and within I'll say 20 sec. does it again!

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Battery - update

by jsdehaan In reply to Battery

I actually took another battery from a T40 model, let it charge overnight and tried the test again. I found that once the Windows program comes up it takes about 20 seconds to freeze up, with no reboot. This same battery works fine in the T40 for a good hour.

I am rather curious about a flash to a blank screen and then back (with both computers) when first powered up on battery after Windows comes up. The screen dims slightly. The same blank screen and then back and dimming if you were to unplug the AC power if you started on that!

So does Windows XP sense and switch over to a power scheme in its programming or could it be something in the ThinkPad?s programming. Which doesn?t account for the long test running in the DOS of PC Doctor?

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