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    windows XP outlook


    by fmates ·

    hi to all…

    please help me about the outlook express.
    where the contacts being stored in the computer?
    if we see the properties of the inbox you can see the data being stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{920D487E-CE2D-4F82-9395-A5A4988F7343}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Inbox.dbx
    my problem is how im going to locate my contacts. and what is the extention name of the table of the contact.


    please help me


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      Reply To: windows XP outlook

      by simy ·

      In reply to windows XP outlook

      The contacts are located here:

      C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

      Look for a .wab file

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      Reply To: windows XP outlook

      by dustyd ·

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      Are you using Outlook or Outlook Express?
      Outlook keeps ‘contacts’ in the identity’s .pst file, although you may also use Windows Address Book found in the .wab file.

      Neither is directly accessible except through their respective application.

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      by dr. e ·

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      just follow the path u give. You might wont to go to folder options, and check the show hiden files and folder box, becouse local settings is a hiden folder .

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