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    Windows XP password log in failed


    by close9us ·

    My computer recently asked me to log in with an administrator password. Strangely, i never passworded my PC.
    This happens when there was a power off in my town and after one hour when the power comes back it happen like this. There was no one that i know or by chance come to my PC as my office is locked when i left.

    This could probably the work of Virus, i assume. Please can anyone advice me on how to go about this.
    I cannot now login to my PC.

    please advice.

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      by close9us ·

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      Try this one..

      by heludaye ·

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      Try to repair your operating system (Windows XP). Just be careful, don’t ever format it. You’ll lost all of your files if you format it.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      TR members do not assist password recovery.

      by oh smeg ·

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      The members of TechRepublic – A Resource for IT Professionals, will not assist anyone in the recovery of lost passwords. You may have a legitimate reason to recover a password. However, we cannot verify your motives and will therefore not assist anyone in what may be an attempt at gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. Due to the open nature of this forum, any assistance given to help circumvent security measures, even for legitimate purposes, would be available for unscrupulous individuals to use for illegitimate purposes. This is a risk that we the members of TechRepublic will not take. Please do not ask questions of this nature on TechRepublic.

      If you have a legitimate need to circumvent a password scheme, please contact the vendor for the software / hardware and request their assistance. E.g. Windows XP password recovery issues should be taken up with Microsoft’s technical support, Phoenix BIOS password recovery issues should be taken up with Phoenix Technologies, etc.. To those viewing this post: Please DO NOT respond any further to this thread.

      This template has been released under the GNU public license and you are encouraged to use it as a standard reply for questions of similar nature, provided that you make any modifications available to other users

      So within these confines contact the maker of your PC or the OS Maker for a possible solution. But depending on your OS in use here if you had Encrypted the Files and do not have a Solid Working Backup of the Data & Encryption Key take it to a Professional to be sorted out. If you try to rebuild XP with EFS running it will destroy your Encryption Key and you will never be able to read your data again.


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