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Windows XP performance slowdown

By ncrenshaw ·
Is it just me, or does Windows XP seem to get slower with every update? I have noticed that, even with the bare minimum of programs running (AntiSpyware and AVG), a decently fast (2 or more GHz, 512 MB) machine is just not what it used to be, and boot times seem to be longer than they once were. This isn't confined to a single machine. Installing a fresh copy of XP does not seem to help once the required updates and security measures are loaded. These machines have decent specifications, but just don't pass the "seat-of-the-pants" test for startup time. Am I hallucinating?

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Try this trick

by mjd420nova In reply to Windows XP performance sl ...

One of the final things I do after cleaning up
the OS is disk cleanup, adware, spyware, close
all running programs and do the update after which I do a diskdefrag and found that the
previous speed and boot times return to what
I'm used to. The WINXPPRO I'm running boots in
about 20 seconds and most of the running startup
programs in another 15 seconds. Thats with a
P4 at 3Gig, 1 gig ram, and a UDMA 133M hard drive.

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by ncrenshaw In reply to Try this trick

That's what I left out of my post. I'm doing that, too! Thanks for
the tip, though.

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all good but check this out too...

by liquidxit2 In reply to Defrag

After making sure your computer is clean of virus, adware spyware and its defragged. Make sure your virtual memory is set to double your physical memory (both initial and maximum). After that do a disk clean up (go to and get free IE eraser works wonderfulin cleaning up useless files). That should be good for now. But you have to realize that XP is a reasource hog...

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