Windows XP Pro - activation

By WienSam ·
I killed my old laptop and had to remove the hard drive and install it into another computer. It wants to be activated but will not accept the same number that it was originally registered with. What can I do about this?


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Private message me

by DaveDXB In reply to Windows XP Pro - activati ...

Unfortunatly, when your register windows, it remembers the hardware configuration of your computer. So when you make any changes, it thinks your trying to install on multiple computers, hence, requiring activation again.

Work around: Im not sure if this forum supports discussions about cracks and hacks etc. Therefore, to be on the safe side. Please private message me with your email address.

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We DO NOT engage in cracking or hacking here

by Why Me Worry?? In reply to Private message me

and it would be very wise of you not to engage in it at all. Also, please note that by simply mentioning hacking and cracking, you are inviting legal action and investigation of your actions and intent. How would you like a phone call from the nice folks at Microsoft's anti-piracy department?

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The Proper and Legal Way

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Windows XP Pro - activati ...

To keep your copy of XP legal and in order to be able to download updates. You should contact M$ by phone for activation.

1. Go To Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools, and select 'Activate Windows.'
(or click the 'Windows Activation' button if you are looking at a notification window)

2. Answer 'Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to active Windows now.'

3. Follow the steps in the 'Activate Windows by Phone' dialog box, and then click Next.

There is no charge to have this done and it is a toll-free number. They will just want some simple verification that you are the original owner (usually just basic info.).

and... for future reference, the TR forums are not the place for cracks, hacks and the like.

also... your question is not likely to get the attention it deserves in the Discussion forum. You may want to re-post to the Questions forum by selecting the "Ask a Question" button. You may copy and paste your content to there.

Many do not read the Discussions forum and taking this step helps to insure that your Question gets the attention it deserves.
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to delete the original post in the Discussions forum. That is understood by all. However, if you want, you can put a link in it to the new posting in the Questions Forum.

Please do not forget to rate answers that you find helpful as being so.

Good Luck!

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