Windows XP Pro connection limitations...

By shaunsweb ·
We have 9 desktops connecting to shares on a Windows XP Pro as a server. 2 of which are rarely on as they are just for meetings. Yesterday I logged in from home using RDP and then today when I got in nobody could get on. The error message said that we had the maximum number of connections.

I do use RDP to run stuff on the server from my desktop could that have added a connection?

Could RDP from home make it hit the limit even though I know two or three of the computers have been off since approximately 4pm yesterday and are currently off?

What is the standard timeout for a connection?

I've heard of using "net config server /autodisconnect:<time>" to force a disconnect but is there anything that could force it on idle after a certain time?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Here's how to remove the connection limit

by robo_dev In reply to Windows XP Pro connection ...
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There is a limit of inbound connections . .

by markp24 In reply to Windows XP Pro connection ...


please see this item on MS's site

for file/print sharing AutoDisconnect time is 15 minutes.

for RDP it is limited to one session

i hope that helps

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by shaunsweb In reply to Windows XP Pro connection ...

Thank you for the help guys I'll try all that out when I get a chance. People work late and on the weekends so it is hard to get the server by itself to run in safe mode.

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