Windows XP Pro fatal error stop c000021a

By drummerguy77 ·
I had a customer call me with a virus on his dell and i got there and removed the virus using a combination of virus removal software,'s online malware scanner, and advanced uninstaller pro. This virus called created some files called cssrss.exe and rpcc.exe. When I do to boot the system, I started getting Stop C000021A Fatal Error. Windows Logon Process Terminated Unexpectedly. (0x0000005, 0x0000005)

I checked the MS KB article and tried the steps with no results so I did an "in place upgrade" or a repair install of windows. The first time it booted after the install, everything worked just fine. I then powered off the pc and restarted and immediately got the stop error again. I then restart the pc in safe mode and it comes up fine, then do a restart and real mode comes up fine. I am able to work in windows normally, no issues at all. I then do a warm reboot and again it comes right up to the user chooser with no issues. I then try a cold reboot and it will get to the blueish screen that says windows is loading then go to a black screen then a BSOD with the same error. It is then repeat the process to get it to come up normally.

So I do not know what to do next. I feel like my only option left is to back up the user data and do a format and clean install. Please help!!!


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Try this in safe mode

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows XP Pro fatal erro ...

System File Checker it may restore any corrupted files.

can't spell

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STOP: c000021a (fixed)

by Reybo In reply to Windows XP Pro fatal erro ...

In reply to the blue screens. I was going through the same thing for more than a week. I have a solution. I tried using recovery console, using fixboot and chkdsk. I tried over-the-top installs. I tried all safe mode options. I tried last good configuration. Nothing worked. I know reinstalling windows will work but it will erase all my data.

I found a way around that, to get all my data off of the drive and get my computer back up and running windows. It took me a few days but i finally got it. Thanks to all of the different posts and forums.

I now help other people do the same. If you are having this problem and nothing else is working for you contact me at my email: I will respond right away, I have a smart phone so i get my emails instantly.

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Reponse To Answer

by icenine416 In reply to STOP: c000021a (fixed)


I found this post while looking to a solution to a BSOD error on, and was hoping you could help me.

I have a Dell Optiplex Desktop with Win XP Pro, but I don't use it
of my roommates has been using it more since his laptop died (I spend almost all
my time at my girlfriends' apt with my laptop). He got a virus on it, so I
installed avg antivirus from a flash drive since it wouldn't connect to the
internet via wired or wired connection. I was able to finally get it to connect,
but while running the AVG anti-virus, it locked up and I had to force it to shut
down. When I tried to restart, it came up with the Windows XP Professional
loading screen, but then goes black with a cursor, then I get a STOP: c000021a
Fatal System Error BSOD. I've tried booting into safe mode & safe mode with
networking, but it follows the same process.

I have an XP system restore disk that came with a Dell Inspiron laptop I used to
have...if I boot from the CD and run the Recovery Console, will that work? I
don't have the key though, just the disk. I would love to find an easier
solution, but if you have one that works, I would love to hear it. I haven't
tried booting to Safe with Command Prompt yet, and I guess that's a last-resort
option to copy some data from the master drive to the slave that I'd hate to
lose...I can use xcopy (if it will even boot to Safe Mode with Command
Prompt)...but I'd really appreciate an easier solution if you have one.

Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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