Windows XP Pro freeze

By memo48 ·
I need help desperately I had been building PC's for a while now and I never had encounter a problem like the one I have now.

I just build a computer with an Intel dual core CPU and a ECS GF7050VT-M motherboard, a 500GB SATA WD Caviar hard drive and 2gb DDR2 PC6400dual 2 Balistix 2.v, 40gb EIDE drive on which I have installed XP and a LG DVD RW drive.
Also a abit wireless card.

Now my problem is that after I have finished intalling everything I am able to connect to internet acces files on my other PC's but after a day or after a few hours of used the PC starts to freeze after booting. It freezes only after you login and you try to open an application or the browser.

If I boot in safe mode no problem it does not freeze I had changed drives and the same result.

Does anybody have any Idea what's going on with my computer?
what could be the problem?

Please I need help any help is very appreciated.

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Test CPU and Memory, LiveCD

by robo_dev In reply to Windows XP Pro freeze

What you describe sounds like a component on the motherboard, or the memory is failing when hot.

I would run it with the case off and see if the same thing happens.

Reseat memory and make sure all the fans are working and airflow is not blocked.

I would find some diags for the motherboard that would test memory and all processor functions...maybe you got a faulty part there somewhere.

Download and run the machine with a Linux LiveCD of some type...this will help to rule out whether the fault is related to the OS or not.

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Get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Test CPU and Memory, Live ...


Brn off a copy and boot off that Disc to run the Diagnostic Utilities .

I would download all of the newest Drivers, BIOS and so on and make sure that they are all updated tot he newest available.

However as I have never had much joy with ECS M'Boards it may very well be the actual M'Board itself falling over causing the problem.


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Consider a BIOS upgrade

by wanttocancel In reply to Windows XP Pro freeze

Check and see if the mobo manufacturer offers a BIOS upgrade that deals with your issue.

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Problem Found but no solution yet Help

by memo48 In reply to Windows XP Pro freeze

Thank you very much to all of you responded to my post of XP freezing but I found out what is causing the problem. The problem is my ABIT AirPace Wi-Fi WPl-01 wireless card. I removed it from XP and XP stop freezing I looked to some of the post I found here in this forum but the closest I got to was to download the latest driver Well I downloaded and installed it but no luck I can not connect to the network after I put the WPA key it just tell me I got limited or no connection which I do not. Does anybody knows how to resolve this issue?

Any help is appreciated thank you very much.

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Well open Device Manager and see if the WiFi Card is actually working

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem Found but no solu ...

If there is a problem with it check the Resources that it is using as it may be necessary to change these to allow this to work correctly.

Or if you have another PCI Slot available you could try moving the WiFi Card to that PCI Slot and see if it works correctly now.


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by memo48 In reply to Well open Device Manager ...

Thank you very much to all for your help, i tried what OH Smeg suggested and I reinstalled the latest driver for ABIT Airpace card and so far it seems to be working it's been about an hour and no freezes.
I am very thankful to all that help since this is my first good experience in a forum like this kind for Windows OS's. I have use other forums but it has not been a good experience.

Thank you very much for your help.


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Welcome to TR and we do try to help where possible. <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks
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Me too

by Supercomedian In reply to Windows XP Pro freeze

I am having this same issue. Ill try unplugging my wireless adapter too i guess.

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