Windows XP Pro & IE & system restore, etc.

By msgwen7 ·
My computer at work has suddenly started having severe problems. It appears that it may be tied in with IE6 which is what the accounting program requires. I cannot access any search, system help, user accounts, etc. The quickbooks program still has all the info but the whole appearance of the program has changed with all the quick reference icons gone. PLEASE someone help before the boss lets someone "reformat" and I lose all my data. They put McAfee on and I had to remove it and even my outlook express....I can access it but nothing will print unless I copy it to notebook. I can't access the user accounts to change passwords etc. When I try all I get is a white screen with the status showing "done"????

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Suggest you back up your data immediately ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP Pro & IE & sys ...

Preferably to a stable medium like optical disc(s).

Whatever the underlying cause of this problem, the hardware belongs to the Company and they are entitled to do whatever they will with it. But the data is your responsibility and backing it up at the first sign of trouble should be your priority.

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I concur Backup everything Immediately if you can still do this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP Pro & IE & sys ...

Here if you removed a Company Program on a Company Computer it would mean Immediate Dismissal particularly a Security program like a AV product which could allow the entire network to become infected.

It very much sounds as if this system is heavily infected and a Wipe and Reload may be the best way forward here. If you run any computer without a working AV product I can almost guarantee that it will be infected to some degree within seconds of first accessing the Net so removing AV products is just stupid and very short sighted.


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by jfuller05 In reply to Windows XP Pro & IE & sys ...

Bakcup, backup, backup! The two who posted before me are correct, get everything you can while you can to an external hard drive or disks. Removing McAfee was not a good move.

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Call the Geek Squad for remote support

by CG IT In reply to Windows XP Pro & IE & sys ...

or maybe, just a thought mind you, try microsoft help and support....

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Be CAREFUL what you PAY for

by WPee In reply to Call the Geek Squad for r ...

TOO Many people ASSUME the words GUARANTEE satisfaction actually means something.

The solutions are generic,
and the outcome is not as you may have ASSUMED.

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ok well then my suggestion to the poster is: send it to mfg

by CG IT In reply to Be CAREFUL what you PAY f ...

have them fix it.

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