Windows XP Pro Installation Freeze

By ccu_geometro ·
Just recently I've tried to install Windows XP Pro on a friends computer. First thing I did is removed all his partitions and created an NTFS partition and formatted it in WinXP Setup. Installation goes through almost smoothly, then at 7 minutes left, halfway through the Saving Settings bar, it freezes, no response from mouse keyboard ect. Ive tried this over 4 times, it freezes at the exact same spot every time with 7 minutes remaining. Ive searched for problem this but most people seem to have it freezing at the 30 min. range when installation of drivers occur. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks

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XP Pro Install Freeze

by cmate In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

You say you deleted the partitions and created a new NTFS partition. How did you do this? Did you let the XP CD clear the drive and set the partitions or did you use something like Seagate's DiskWizard for Windows or some other manufacturer. I have found sometimes it is best to just start the whole process all over again ... let the XP Install CD do it all for you ... delete and reset the partition again and let XP do the formatting. Another point to consider is to attach a different CD drive and do the install from there. Sometimes the CD drive can stick at reading some part of a disk. Good luck!!

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XP Pro Install Freeze

by ccu_geometro In reply to XP Pro Install Freeze

Well, when I deleted the partition and created a new one, I did use the WindowsXP CD, and chose a full format to NTFS, I've already tried a different drive earlier and had the same exact problem, I've even tried a different CD, and from what I experienced the CD I am currently using is fully functioning. The only thing I can think of is some type of conflict on the PC.

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from my exp

by wilson_hoe In reply to XP Pro Install Freeze

from my experience on support, normally we escalabe the problem to hardware. Your hard disk have problem.

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Make Sure you . . .

by Good Old Dog In reply to XP Pro Install Freeze

have a truly clean system. Remove the power supply plug and open the case. Disconnect ALL unneeded devices such as a 2nd CD drive and your floppy drive (if you have one). Remove any PCI network cards, sound cards, USB adaptors and modems from the motherboard. Disconnect ALL printers, scanners, speakers, hubs etc. You want to have keyboard, monitor and mouse only hooked up for an install. Boot the machine and hit the required key to enter your BIOS. Make sure the time is correct and the BIOS sees your CD drive and hard drive. Disable ALL Serial Ports (Com1,2 etc.), Parallel Ports (LPT1), Lan, Audio, Game and Midi Ports and Raid Controllers to avoid possible conflicts. Re-enable these after O/S install as/if required.
Set the Boot Order: Your CD drive as 1st device and your hard drive as 2nd.
Insert Windows XP Disc and exit the BIOS saving your changes.
At the first Boot Screen, keep tapping the F5 key to select the correct HAL for your motherboard/CPU combination (Windows sometimes messes this step up). Usually it is ACPI or Multi-Processor ACPI for Intel Hyper-Threading/Core2 Duo and AMD Dual-Core Processors. Use your arrow keys to select. Follow the on-screen prompts and make sure you do a FULL FORMAT not a Quick Format.
When you have finally booted into Windows make sure you install your chipset drivers before ANY other drivers.

Good Luck

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XP Pro Install Freeze

by tricare In reply to XP Pro Install Freeze

I had the same problem...stopping at the same spot. I got Microsoft involved and they finally said it had to be in my computer although I have two other identical hardware items in the same office that had a good installation. I ton't think they really knew or cared at that point. It drug on for over a week back and forth with them.

I did the same thing, re-partitioned and formatted my drive, but it did no good.

Good luck.

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by jk1265732 In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

If you have 2 sticks of memory take one out.
Start fresh, put the cd in, delete all the partions..
If your xp cd does not have sp2, Make the system
partion under 120mb. If you are using a Hard
drive that came on a dell system, buy a new
primary drive and use the dell drive for files
or backup.

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Bad Memory...

by toughguy000 In reply to Memory

Had many frustrating experiences with bad memory in the past, It causes "File not found" errors when reading cd's causing the windows installer to crash. run and see if that helps you determine if its your memory or HD thats gone.

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Bad Memory...

by ccu_geometro In reply to Bad Memory...

Hmm, Im coming down to the Hard Drive or RAM, I'm almost certain its the Memory, since you said you had File Not found from reading cd's, well I tried installing windows 2000 server and I would get that error.

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So many possibilities - So little info

by thensley In reply to Windows XP Pro Installati ...

I suspect a driver problem. I will step out and say video - wild guess. Retail XP Pro will not install on certain HP machines and other proprietary boxes. Does the PC meet minimum requirements? Did you run the compatibility software? Try removing all but basic hardware requirements. Perhaps you have done all these steps. More information is needed.

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Bad Memory or Motherboard

by steve.wilson In reply to So many possibilities - S ...

I have just had a similar problem, if your system has two memory sticks take one out and reboot. Things should go okay. You can then replace the other stick once up and running.
I tried this with both sticks thinking one was faulty but both (individually) booted the system.
Although this worked I still had a similar problem after downloading updates and then rebooting.
I even tried a new HDD and got the same problem.
I ended up sending the whole package back. Initially they said it was a faulty processor, however it turned out to be a faulty motherboard.
Hope this helps.

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