Windows XP Pro reinstall

By SystemCheck ·
I have a Lenova desktop that didnt come with a recovery partition and no restore disc. I was wondering if anyone knew where i can download a recovery disc, i do i have the product key yet just need a recovery disc.

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Maybe you just can't see the recovery partition ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP Pro reinstall

By default - they are usually hidden from view until required.

Most are invoked by a particular key combination IMMEDIATELY after power-on. Try Alt+F9 or Alt+F10.

If there is no recovery partition and no recovery disc, your Supplier should either supply you with one for free or for a nominal fee.

You cannot download a recovery disc since it would have to be specifically designed for your particular PC.

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by SystemCheck In reply to Maybe you just can't see ...

there is no other partitions and lenova offers a disc for $50 and they have downloadable one for vista and 7 that work fine i figured there be one for xp

or what about the winnt32.exe in the i386 folder heard that works

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Recovery Disk Creator??

by 1bn0 In reply to Windows XP Pro reinstall

IBM used to include a utility to create the recovery disks. I thought Lenovo was continuning that. Have you looked for such a utility?

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never heard of it

by SystemCheck In reply to Recovery Disk Creator??

where could i find this cause i dont have an winnt32.exe file on this computer

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