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Windows XP Pro Restore

By len ·
I would be grateful for any help on this problem which affects only one desktop out of two desktops and a laptop all running XP Pro (SP2).

Help & Support will not run. Re-installing Windows followed by ages of time on Windows updates restores H & S for a time. Restore does not allow setting restore points until I switch off restore, reboot and then switch it on again. An automatic restore point is generated but this disappears after a few days. Subsequently Windows won't let me create a restore point even immediately after a re-boot and then, after a time, I can't even get at H & S.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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I have been doing

by zlitocook In reply to Windows XP Pro Restore

Some reading on this, How much disk space do you have?
How much disk space is System Restore using to hold restore points?
Right click on My Computer and select Properties. On the System Restore tab click on the
drive that Windows is installed on and click Settings.

On the same System Restore tab, are there any other drives being monitored by System

Here are some tips on adjusting disk space used and keeping System Restore Healthy.
Description of System Restore

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Thanks Zlito

by len In reply to I have been doing

Apologies for slow response, I've been off the air for a couple of days. Disk space is not a problem, I have an 80Gb C: drive which is only 25% full. I have switched off monitoring on a second drive but this has no effect. Reducing the amount of space available for restore also has no effect, H&S simply doesn't run.

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Command line

by scorpion_saga In reply to Windows XP Pro Restore

Maybe try running restore from the command line, I'm sorry, I am not going to be of much help for the simple reason, I have never manged to get reswtore to work properly from its inception, its either as you point out, missing restore points, or missing H&S or both. I rely fully on a good backup, I would be doomed if ever I thought to rely on System Restore which in my mind is a joke.

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Command Line

by len In reply to Command line

Thanks Scorpion_saga. I do back up pretty regularly which has saved my bacon several times. I find it sad that Microsoft still fail to fix basic faults in a useful feature several years after the first XP release. I've reported the problem and had useless replies from a female who says she is not qualified to answer technical questions and refers me to the support services. I build my own machines and have an OEM version of XP and I am damned if I am going to pay Microsoft to address basic faults in their software - they should be grateful I report them!

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Help and Support requires a Service

by gdunger In reply to Windows XP Pro Restore

If you mean that the menu option "Help and Support" does not work, that is probably because the "Help and Support" Service is not running. I know IT people like to shut off that service because of security concerns. Maybe you have security software that's a bit too defensive.

To start the Service, on your Start : Programs menu, look for Administrative Tools and run Services.
(If you don't have Administrative Tools, right-click the Start button and choose Properties. Click Customize next to Start Menu, then click the Advanced tab. System Administrative Tools can be found in the Start Menu list.)
Find "Help and Support", right-click on it and choose Properties. Start it and set Startup Type to Automatic.
Close Services and try Start : Help and Support.

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