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    Windows Xp Pro Routing?


    by martinranga ·

    Can I use Windows XP Pro to route between two or more workgroups (LANS) by adding 2-3 NICs?

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      by deadly ernest ·

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      Yes you can, the set up can be a bit touchy and you may need to establish bridging instructions depending upon your requirements.

      You can set the machine up as a gateway, it is even possible (in some set ups) to do this with one NIC if everybody is off the one switch or router. The NIC can be set up with main IP settings and alternative IP settings.

      One drawback is that once you set up the gateway like this that machine spends a lot of time acting as the gateway, this uses system resources, and everything between the two LANs is routed through this machine regardless of how the system is physically set up. Also you can end up with everybody having full access to both LANs.

      I did have a set up like that on my network for a little while, had one switch and one router. Ended up biting the bullet and setting things up with a larger network in the one Workgroup but used the subnet masks to seperate them and then added security approval settings to allow limited access between the two subnets as I only wanted a few specific machines to access parts of the other sub-nets. I found this was easier to administer and maintain security.

      LAN A 10.0.1.x mask
      LAN B 10.0.2.x mask

      Those in LAN B had access to LAN A but LAN A had no access to LAN B. I wanted a small group to have access to the wider group whilst denying the wider group access to the small group.

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