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Windows XP Pro SP2 constantly reboots

By KiwiStudent ·
I have just recently encountered this problem on my home computer. Windows XP constantly reboots or shuts down during bootup (during the splash screen, twice its reached the login screen then rebooted).
I have restarted in Last Good Configuration as well as Safe Mode, but bootup only completes to Safe Mode. I don't think this is a hardware problem as there has been no hardware changes in the past 5 months. I have used the Recovery Console to restore kernel32.dll (as Microsoft suggests) but to no avail.
The problem started a day after I had uninstalled Norton Scan, as ESET Smart Security is already installed on the machine. There is no BSOD (I have turned off automatic restart on error) and the boot log shows that everything is normal. Is there any way I can find out what the problem is (via built-in or safe mode friendly diagnostic tools), or will I have to reinstall XP?

The machine specs are
Windows XP SP2 (updates current til last week)
Intel Pentium 4 (Northwood @ 2.8Ghz)
GeForce FX 5200 (81.98 Forceware)
Eset Smart Security 3.x

Thanks for any help.

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SHUT off restart upon system failure.

by Oz_Media In reply to Windows XP Pro SP2 consta ...

First of all you need to turn off ' Atomatically Restart' under the System Failure checkbox.
System Properties> Advanced > System Failure uncheck the automatically restart.

Now it will still crash but not reboot, you will get a blue screen with an error.

Post that error here but under ASK A QUESTION, not START A DISCUSSION and you will get help.

Normally something to do with disk failure or video driver issues. Hopefully a dead driver and not a dead hard drive.

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Hi Kiwi Student

by Tig2 In reply to Windows XP Pro SP2 consta ...

Wish I could give you some legitimate answers to your
question. I'm posting to ask you to repost this in the
Questions forum that you can get to by selecting "Ask a
Question from the forum front door. The reason is that
there are people who only read Discussions and others
who really enjoy the questions and your post may not get
the attention it deserves.

Just copy and paste your content in the text box that
you'll see when you click the "Ask a Question" link.

Please remember to tell people when they have been
helpful by giving them a thumbs up. And let them know
what works.

Good luck!

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