Windows Xp Pro sp2 disconnects from network shares after idle time

By jason ·
I?m running a windows 2000 domain controller, and terminal services. I have joined several windows xp pro machines to the said domain. All is fine except, when the machines are left on over night, the network shares are listed but unavailable. I need to log off and back on again to restore the connections. I have removed all power saving setting, removed hibernation, removed the power setting from the nic in device manager, and ran net config server /autodisconnect:-1 what gives? Any help would be appreciated. Please note that I don?t have this issue with any of my 2000 machines. J.

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ever Corrected this issue

by coliver2 In reply to Windows Xp Pro sp2 discon ...

i am having the same issue

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Does any one have a fix?

by wa9evf In reply to ever Corrected this issue

I am having the same problem

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xp pro sp2 idle time network shares disconnect

by jordanspcrepair In reply to Windows Xp Pro sp2 discon ...

check the local security policy in the administrative tools folder to make sure that no policy is enabled to disconnect from network share after a certain period of time.

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Disconnect Issue

by smvardaman In reply to xp pro sp2 idle time netw ...

I'm just now experiencing the same issue, I have tried everything under the sun, including changing the values, registry and so on an on. Have you found any resolution to your issue?? Any help would be much appreciated.


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i do have the same prob

by nagendra In reply to Windows Xp Pro sp2 discon ...

keep in the list

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Try this

by nagendra In reply to Windows Xp Pro sp2 discon ...

Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4 Server has an idle autodisconnect function which by default should disconnect after 15 minutes. You can test it out by just being idle for 15 minutes, and see if this happens? What OS are the other workstations running? This setting should only affect 2000 or XP clients. To change the dafault idle time, you need to go to the server, and in the command prompt type: net config server /autodisconnect:VALUE (minutes) (any number from -1 to disable to 65536). ex.
net config server /autodisconnect:30 (so after 30 minutes it will be disconnected). If this isn't a huge problem, I wouldn't disable it cause the server will be using up resources to keep the connection. Hope this works!

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Windows XP disconnects on windows 2000 server

by camaro305ho In reply to Windows Xp Pro sp2 discon ...

I am also having the same problem at my work place. Did you ever corrected the issue??

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