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    Windows XP Pro SP3 Start Menu


    by j_a_merhi ·

    Hi all,
    I need to know the way to remove the titles next to the icons in the right side of my Windows XP Pro SP3 Start Menu (the side where the My Documents, My Computer …etc are).

    please help & thank you in advance.

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      by j_a_merhi ·

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      I don’t think that you can …

      by older mycroft ·

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      Since the titles are incorporated into the files that these links represent.

      I know that if you go on a frenzy, changing all the titles by renaming them, this can ultimately lead to a hung XP on occasions.

      You can however, remove the title AND the icon, if you wish. Right click on ‘Start’ > Properties > ‘Start Menu’ [TAB] > Customize [BUTTON] > Advanced [TAB] > then scroll down the list marking each Start Menu item as ‘Do Not Display this Item’ > then ‘OK’ then ‘OK’.

      Why would you want to remove only the titles, leaving the icons on their own?

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      Some thoughts…

      by captbilly1eye ·

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      Microsoft removed the ability to customize the standard Star menu icons in Windows XP (Run, Search, Settings, etc.).

      With Microangelo, you have a right click option for the other shortcuts entitled ‘Appearance’ that allows you to remove the name.

      I believe the only way to edit the names of the menu items (Run, Settings, Favorites, Search, etc) would be to edit Explorer.exe using a Hex Editor. That is how you can rename the Start button, anyway:

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