Windows XP Pro thinks DVD-RW drive is a DVD-RAM drive

By sara ·
I recently had to do a Recovery Install of Windows. Now it is showing my DVD-RW Drive (Optiarc AD-7173A) as a DVD-RAM drive and won't let me move files onto a CD-RW.

I've tried uninstalling the drive, removing the secondary IDE in Device Manager and tried to enable recording (there's no recording tab, so that didn't work).

Any ideas? It's driving me mad :)

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ReInstallation Disk

by wancona In reply to Windows XP Pro thinks DVD ...

Most computers come with the recovery disk and reinstallationof the device drivers. Have you tried reinstalling using the given disk?

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Try this link

by IC-IT In reply to Windows XP Pro thinks DVD ...

There is a small aplication and more troubleshooting to try.

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What does

by cmiller5400 In reply to Windows XP Pro thinks DVD ...

What does the BIOS see the drive as? If it is wrong there, chances are it is wrong in the OS...

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Re-installed Windows

by sara In reply to What does

I've now completely re-installed Windows, which solved the recording tab problem. But Windows still insists that the DVD-RW is a DVD-RAM drive. The BIOS has both drives, there are two DVD-RWs, as DVD-RWs.

There are no drivers for either drive, just firmware updates.

Off to try the link next.

Thanks for the help!

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Not an Error

by willcomp In reply to Re-installed Windows

Your drive is a DVD-RAM drive. Note that's DVD-RAM and not DVD-ROM --- two completely different animals. DVD-RAM is recordable, rewritable media.

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Download drivers for your drive

by The Scummy One In reply to Windows XP Pro thinks DVD ...

then update it with the latest drives.

I have also seen odd things happen with drives when they cannot determine what kind of disk is in the drive. Try a lens cleaner as well.

Also, do you have a burning program (such as Nero or roxio? Run an update through them if you do!

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